My newsfeed is littered with business coaches talking about methods and strategies. Some of them are good….some, not so much (don’t get me started on the business coaches whose first business is business coaching).

These strategies can work if you’re in alignment with yourself and have a deep inner knowing about what you are being called to do.

If you’re out of alignment; you’re not sure, you need to do inner work…this kind of thing is horribly destructive.

Many of these coaches are looking at what others have done from the outside in. Yes. They were published here, or had a breakthrough there.

But most of what happened is that the successful entrepreneurs, who are happy and fulfilled, got into flow.

They allowed. They called in. They claimed and received as a result of flow, not as a result of following a checklist.

They did the inner work, listened, answered the call to do something profound.

Then everything flowed.

Yes, you can say, “so and so followed this specific checklist and that’s why they got so big.” But really? Did they? Or did they answer the call and then that happened?

Yes. You can follow the checklist. You have to, after a certain point–but not before getting crystal clear on intent.

Maybe you can build a business from the outside it, but you may find that it fits like an ill fitting pair of pants…tight and constricting and just “not right”. I certainly made that mistake, over 20 years of business.
It takes surrender, trusting, listening and getting still to hear that voice inside that guides you to a business that is fulfilling and part of your true life purpose.

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