Tricking Little Lizard Brain

It occurred to me this morning that when we are running big energies, making huge changes, it is absolutely essential to double down on self-care and “routines”.


I’ve always known that if I’m feeling funky I go back to the basics. Do my morning rituals. Eat well. Take really good care of myself. It always helps me to pull back into myself and get balanced.


Now I’m seeing it from a physiological and bigger picture…at all times, we’re negotiating with Lizard Brain. Lizard Brain wants regularity. It wants predictability. If it doesn’t have it, it means danger–who knows what danger, but fear response kicks in and we get surges of stress hormones, unexplained terror, the urge to run or fight or hide.


So, that’s where self care rituals come in. Regular, nurturing rituals comfort Lizard Brain. Convince it that everything is fine.


It’s sneaky, in a way…keep Lizard Brain happy while we make the giant energetic leaps in comfort.

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