When we’re moving forward quickly–in business, energetically, personally…we’ll make all these breakthroughs. “Yay!” We think. “I’m moving forward! Whee! It’s so much fun! I could do this forever!”

Then…we get sick. Emotionally, or even physically sick. We get tired. We get jumped by a bunch of inner gremlins. “Oh, No!” we think. “I thought I was doing so well! Why am I sick? Why am I so tired? I was so motivated…” and then the litany of whatever brand of self doubt you have comes in. “I must be lazy. I must be a procrastinator. I must be unmotivated. I must have low self-esteem” ad nauseum.

What if we expected it? What if we planned for it? In a humane society, we wouldn’t be working every day, 18 hours a day. We’d have rest. Integration. Time for the body, which is dense matter, to catch up with the spirit, which can sprint ahead.

In fact, I’ll go a step further…it IS part of the process. If we don’t have that “down” (which is a judgement, it’s better called integration), I wonder if we’re actually making progress.

It IS part of the manifestation process. A time when, maybe the Universe is asking us if we are really really sure we want it. A time for our bodies to catch up, for the cells to soak in this new energy.

It really is to be expected, and really respected. And honored…because it is part of being human. So go take a nap. Go sit under a tree. Watch Netflix. Ask yourself what you need. And give it to yourself. You’ll come back energized and ready to go, I promise.

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