I’ve been working with a young lady who I came in contact with because she had made an offer and got 900 people to sign up for her opt-in, 15 to sign up for her course and she was FREAKING OUT because she didn’t know what to do with them.

Talking to her and watching what she does has reminded me of something I’ve thought about often…business coaches who put forward a model and then slavishly have their clients use them. When you look at big success stories, it’s easy to do that…they put together a mailing list, did blog posts, did an offer a certain way…etc. Copy that, you’ll be a success.

However, is that really true? My client had no plan. She’s passionate about what she does and went with the flow. No strategy, other than Facebook ads, and not much strategy there.

But she’s providing amazing value and engaging with her clients in a way that inspires me. So, can we follow her formula? What if we, instead, looked at her motivation?

She LOVES what she does. I sent her an email the other day telling her how proud I was of what she’s doing. She replied, “It’s easy when you feel as if you were born to do it.”

I’m not saying we should abandon all strategy. But I AM saying that if we motivate ourselves from WHAT WE ARE BORN TO DO, all the other stuff falls into place. Synchronicities happen…people appear to help us. Tech stuff gets sorted (eventually). Lots of lessons here.

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