I was not just slammed by the eclipses, I had a big personal issue come up with my child…nothing bad, just challenging. So, two things came through for me, and so many I’ve been talking to:

***We’re not just healing ourselves when we go through challenging times. We are healing the collective consciousness; we are healing our lineage and ancestors; this work is deep and difficult, but it is essential for the human race. This teaching has resonated for me so much over the last months.

***Resistance is a normal part of the cycle. Not just in ourselves, but in relation to others…when we’re growing, there’s going to be push back. There just is. From our families, friends, people we used to be close to…great spiritual progress is challenging and even threatening to those close to us. If we’re getting resistance in the form of getting sick or our lizard brains are going bonkers, it is an indication of progress! Lizard brain/ego/the unconscious likes habits, “normalcy”, predictability. Change is perceived as danger. (I have a blog post on this if you want to look back in the threads for it). If you were not getting resistance, it would not be true progress. Really!

Love to you all, dears…I find that the more I surrender, trust, offer no resistance, the easier it is and the quicker it passes. It can be scary, especially since sometimes it feels like we’ll never come out, but trust your body, trust your emotions to pass so long as they are allowed to express.

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