It’s time Spiritual Entrepreneurs  to take on leadership. The world is a very scary place these days–a lot of us have been reeling for several months now, unsure of what to do or how to affect change.

In our work, we have a kind of lukewarm attitude toward what we’re doing…healing people is totally fulfilling, we enjoy it, but maybe we have a sense that it’s a luxury, or a bit wacky, or not a necessity in people’s lives. And our businesses can reflect that–we’re not convinced of how important we are, so we hold back and struggle. 

What I know for sure, is that  the only way to shift politics, the environment, the tragedies in the world, is through an energetic shift.

Freeing people to do their soul’s work is what is needed. 

Our work is not optional any more. We know that we all incarnated here for a reason. We came here to be here NOW, when this shift is taking place. And healing people so that they can do what their soul is calling them to do, is urgent! 

Our personal healing is not optional–it may well be why we got into business in the first place. We help ourselves, we help the collective. No question, it changes and shifts the energy.

But this time requires something much bigger. Energetic shifts on the highest level.

I want to unleash Spiritual Entrepreneurs on the world. Healing millions is not optional. It is the only thing that is going to save us.

In order to shift the world, humans have got to be operating at full capacity.

We know how to do that. Our life coaching, our energy work, our spiritual gifts, not only heal but liberate people to live their soul’s purpose.

And that soul purpose, our reason for incarnating, is not random. We came here to participate, not to stand on the sidelines spouting slogans about love and light.

The Goddesses that we think of are usually the nice ones…the unconditional love ones.

What we need now is Kali. We need Volcano Goddesses. Fierce love, that understands that cycles of destruction are what creates rebirth. 

And, shit, we need a rebirth.

The destruction is going on now. Aleppo, starvation, environmental crises, insanity on the world stage, are almost too much to bear. But we must understand that this destruction is precisely what can create the new world.

In the US we have been shaken to the core. The divine feminine as well as the hypermasculine has shown itself in this recent election, such a stark contrast (Hilary was NOT the representative of the Divine Feminine, Bernie Sanders was).

We see clearly now all of the crap that we had pushed under the rug, feeling that we were invulnerable, that our spirituality and liberalism somehow protected us from the horrors of the rest of the world.

That illusion has crumbled.

Now we need leadership. Women, Spiritual leaders, people who can teach emotional intelligence.
The time is now. The time is late. Stop playing small and pretending that we’re not capable…we are. We are strong, 2016 prepared us for precisely what is coming. In the insanity that we are already seeing in the world, we must stand for a vision of the future. How do we get there? Who knows. But holding that vision, holding that hope and faith for what the human race can be, will show us the next steps into making that energetic idea into corporeal form. And healing and serving as many people as we can is the key to lighting the path in the darkness. 

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