The complexity of healing

I’ve been working intensively with my Guides on uprooting all of the things that I want to clear from my energetic system for a good nine months now (the ten years before that were intense, but not as intense as the last period!) . I’ve been coming up against an annoying block, and  too much of the spiritual work has felt really shitty (when it’s not transcendent and blissful).
So, I did a process to connect with my Guides and this ancestor came forward. Originally I thought he was a past/alternative life, but it was clear that the origin was this guy who is in my DNA. When I asked about this, I was shown that his DNA activated in me all of the parallel lives in which I betrayed and abandoned….and there were quite a few of them.

So, this contract this ancestor had was one of penance. Of making up for being so horrible in life. As I talked to him, I saw the guilt was because he knew what he was doing and had loved the person he betrayed. So we talked about his contract. And I was shown that not only have I had this active in my system, the work I’ve done around it has been very helpful in clearing for the collective, because there is a lot of energy around penance for betrayal in the history of the human race.  (You may not realize that a lot of the work you do on yourself is precisely for this reason–the collective needs a lot of clearing and all of that work you are doing IS helping way more than just yourself!)

But, the best way (we told him) to be done is to now do good–that the contract is getting in the way of his descendants doing more good work. He agreed, and the contract was broken!

However, I saw (and this is why I am writing this) that because he had activated this in me, it created all kinds of energetic structures and neural pathways that need to be disassembled. I got the main root, and now I need to be persistent in getting all of the little structures around it. I wanted to relay may experience because:

1)Getting rid of soul contracts sometimes doesn’t magically shift stuff, unless you uproot all of the things that have been built around it

2)The work we are doing is clearing the collective, but it doesn’t have to feel bad all of the time or hold us back, and it is really best to get to the root of it by whatever tools you have, to free you to be your true self

3) the interplay of our lineage, our parallel lives, and the physical structures (neural pathways or habits of thinking) that are created all need to be tackled, it’s not enough to just do the nonphysical part of the work

The Spiritual Path is challenging. You don’t have to do it alone, though…working with Guides has been revolutionary for me and my clients. If you would like to experience this work and get to the root of your blocks, I would love to work with you. I’m now doing private readings and Guide channelings for a special price of $99 for new clients. Please see “One-on-one” options in the menu above. If you’re not sure but you’re drawn to the work, feel free to book a “playdate” and I would be delighted to support you and assist you in your spiritual work, and determine if my work is the right choice for you at this time. 

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