I’ve been pretty quiet about the political situation these past months; this is surprising to many of my friends who knew me as a political activist for over 15 years.

I don’t love what is going on in the United States, or in Syria, or in other innumerable places. It’s an uprising of all that we had buried and thought was gone–rising up to show us what needs to be cleared for the next step in human development.

We’ve passed through many ages–the last 5,000 years gave us “male” domination; duality; subjugation, slavery. But it also gave us technology, and vast capabilities.

The feminine has been rising in the last 100 years, but now things are accelerating and we are seeing the beginnings of a unity consciousness, a balance of the masculine and feminine informed and enriched, paradoxically but irrefutably, by the imbalances of the last 5000 years.

The ugliness of tribal warfare, racism, oppression, and general insanity is the old paradigm rising up in response to the extraordinary shift that we are experiencing. Far from being a regression, it is the natural consequence of great change; we see it on the lowest levels in personal development, and on other levels as revolutions and great energetic shifts.

I am afraid for what will happen over the next period, as our structures of nation states changes and morphs; I know that the reactions can be irrational, senseless and brutal. I fear for the innocent threatened by the beast who is cornered and wounded and lashes out.

But I have deep faith that the forces of expansion, of ever more complex and beautiful creation that are the laws of the Universe, will prevail.

Will they prevail on this planet, in our lifetimes? I don’t know. I don’t know whether the forces of backwardness will blow us all to smithereens–they certainly have the capability.

But I do know that all of us made a choice to incarnate here, in this time, for a reason. All of us have a unique gift, a contribution to make to the evolution of this planet and therefore the Universe as a whole.

And my job, is to help as many people as possible to clear the energetic, physical and mental blocks that keep us from coming fully into our talents. To help as many people as I can to attain a state of joy in participating in this ongoing expansion. And if I, and so many who work with me in the physical and nonphysical, can do our job, our planet has a chance of rising to the next level.

That of the Golden Age, when technology meets stewardship of the earth and all of its inhabitants. When the people of the earth rise as one and create a new age, allowing the human race to come into its potential as creators. If things are tough for you personally, if you heart is bleeding looking at what is happening in the world–have faith. Know that the work you are doing to develop yourself, the work you are doing that makes your heart sing, is all contributing to this great shift.

Perhaps you care about politics, but it tears you up to follow it. Don’t do it then–find someone to follow who curates the news. Being paralyzed and gripped with fear isn’t going to help anyone. If, on the other hand, politics makes you energized and alive, please get involved! Those of us who simply CAN’T with politics do not need to feel guilty.

How best to do something about the world right now? Especially if politics makes you queasy and drained?

Do what makes your heart sing. If you’re an artist, do that. A coach, do that. If your job is meh but your family is everything, do that. You do not have to be a world leader to shift the world these days. Every bit of joy, every bit of creativity, every expression of love is a contribution. Many of us are being moved to step into a bigger role in whatever arena we play in (I’m getting this one loud and clear!) and just because it seems unrelated to what’s happening in the world, it’s not.


You incarnated here to carry out a soul’s purpose. You know you are on track with that soul purpose when you feel joy, fulfillment, and energy. It’s really very simple. Do what your heart is calling you to do (even if it’s scary) and you can’t go wrong. Personally, and for the planet.

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