Fires. Hurricanes. Floods, Nazis, Nuclear bombs. Is it the end times?


Back in November, I was in Tulum for the election. I woke up the morning after with an odd sense of peace. My Guides spoke to me: this is going to be hard. This is not going to be fun. But it’s going to be ok.


We wake up every morning to a new tragedy or atrocity; it seems so futile to post funny cat videos and platitudes on social media(although some still seem to manage it). In years past, when a tragedy struck, we would collectively take a couple of days to mourn, be activists, and then return to silly cats after an appropriate period.


Now, it never seems right to post anything except sadness, or rage, for what’s going on.


It’s easy to want a quick resolution. Alien ships coming down to take over from us incompetent humans. Divine intervention and the Rapture. Ascension–the spiritually worthy get sucked up into 5 D and the rest of the suckers get left. Even a nuclear bomb would resolve this quickly.


But what if this is the new normal? What if this is just how it’s going to be from now on?


One of the most fruitful exercises I use in my work is a deathbed meditation. Imagine that you are on your deathbed, and you’ve done all that you came here to do. Wrote the book, sang the songs, painted the pictures, helped the people,  expressed your soul. From this perspective, surrounded by people you love, look back. What did you do? What made you totally, utterly, fulfilled? What experiences did you have? What books did you write, who did you love?


Now. In this world, on this planet, in this time of great crisis–do it. “Live each day as if it were your last” is repeated so much that it’s become meaningless...but now there is a palpability to it. Any time now, a nuclear bomb could go off because of our unstable “leaders”. A fire could rage through, an earthquake, civil war.


So that means it’s time. Time to start fully living your life. Time to fully step into WHY you are here. Time to express that which lies deep within your soul.


You came here for a reason, in this time. You’re here. It’s now. And it’s time to do what you came to do. And really–whether it’s political activism, writing, teaching, whatever it is–it’s unique and it’s potent and when we act from deep love, it’s powerful. It is, in fact, what can save us. This chaos is a natural part of the shift of paradigms, and so now it’s time to vision, and act toward, how we know the planet COULD be. Get out of the bubble of normalcy and see the truth of where we, where you are. Step fully into yourself, now. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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