Soothing Anxiety naturally, when spiritual tools fail

your body is bearing the brunt of planetary energetic shifts, take care of it!

I’ve been on an active spiritual journey for over 10 years now, and one of the most pervasive issues I’ve encountered is anxiety.

When we’re doing spiritual work, our Spirit can move fast; our brains move more slowly, but then our BODIES are always the last–and they can store trauma that can cause anxiety.


Ten years ago, I was anxious all the time. About my kids, my work, everything. Worrying was my way of participating in life. My neck and shoulders were excruciatingly painful, and I had horrible insomnia that ruined my nights as well as my waking hours. And I didn’t even realize I had it–like a fish in water, I was unaware of how bad it was.


After countless hours of meditation and energy work, Shamanic Journeys and every type of energy healing you can imagine, I’m largely anxiety-free–largely, but it still plagues me occasionally.


Don’t get me wrong–at some point I realized that because I had been bullied as a child, I’d been in a state of anxiety for over 40 years. My spiritual work gave me incredible relief. When I first experienced life without constant anxiety, it was as if I was reborn.


However, I live in Southern California. Last year we were evacuated in a huge fire that came within blocks of my home; I’ve had a series of personal tragedies including deaths in my immediate circle; and recently, fires started back up again. And we don’t even need to mention the political situation, the environment, and the planet in general…I still have the occasional sleepless night, where I can toss and turn, full of anxiety, for hours. It’s really awful, and can go on for months if I don’t nip it in the bud.


So, recently I needed help. Honestly, I was frustrated because I had done SO MUCH spiritual work and here it was, haunting me again, my old friend Anxiety. So I decided to try CBD. 


My dog Annie was the reason I began to experiment with CBD originally; I purchased a couple of different brands for her but wasn’t all that impressed. Then, I finally found an excellent quality product, and my dog went from a neurotic, pacing, whining mess, back to her equanimous and happy self, able to sleep through the night again. (Annie is 16 years old, approximately 95 in human years!)


It worked so well I decided to try it on myself.


My first insomniac night, I took a tiny scoop of crystals under my tongue. Within moments, I relaxed and fell back asleep.




Now I use CBD daily. If I’m agitated, anxious, or just “bummed out”, just a few crystals under my tongue fixes me right up. It doesn’t interfere with thinking at all as I use a pure CBD source; in fact I think I am sharper because I’m not distracted as easily.

I took it originally for the insomnia, but I’m just astonished at the other effects.


After beginning to take it regularly, I’ve noticed that my knees, which are arthritic, don’t hurt anymore! My neck and shoulders are relaxed, and I feel better in general. The meditation fixed my brain and spirit. But I truly believe that CBD fixed my body.


I am so thankful that I found CBD and especially, that I found a company that I can trust implicitly. I’ve been watching Terra Gold Plus developing their products over three years, and I am so impressed by their quality control and commitment to an extraordinary product.


I’ve decided to work with Terra Gold,  because I know how much it can help my clients. Even when we are vigilantly working through our spiritual stuff, our bodies need support. CBD gives my body the break and relaxation it needs, so that I can do my work in the world.


Take a look at Terra Gold Plus’ products–personally, I use the crystals because they’re so versatile and incredibly inexpensive–$35 for 1000 mg! I can put them under my tongue, on food, in smoothies, or on a dog treat (for Annie, haha). If I were feeling crafty, I could make anything from lotions to baked goods with it.


For ease of use, gel caps or oil are a quick and easy alternative.


I’m so freaking delighted to have found something so profoundly helpful. I’d love you to find the same relief. 

I am an affiliate, so I do receive compensation for referring to Terra Gold Plus; however, this product is so amazing that I’m breaking my policy of non-endorsement.

We all need help these days, our bodies especially. Please let me know if you have questions! And when you purchase a product, I will send out a free PDF with usage guidelines; just drop me an email and I’ll send it right out. 🙂


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