So on the question of judgment; this topic is advanced and complex.


It’s one that is very, very important for being able to plug into and to consciously affect human beings on a much bigger scale. Judgment is part of the old paradigm: human beings constantly trying to categorize things, to put them into boxes, to define them as a way to understand and separate. Good versus evil. It was appropriate for the time, just like in personal development, it’s appropriate for certain kinds of developmental steps to take place. 


Because there had to be discernment in that phase of development. You had to be able to tell one thing from another, in order to bring online more capabilities of the human brain, scientific and mathematical development, and so on. But now, we are moving from the paradigm of separation (good vs. evil) and into a paradigm of unity consciousness. The question of judgment is coming front and center because it’s not obvious that this is part of the old paradigm, but it absolutely is. 


The question of judgment is not a simple concept. Yet, within human brains, these kinds of things can be dispelled relatively easily. 


The concept of judgment: one human being, making himself more important, or classifying himself as being better. This is a deeply rooted system. Such as when you encounter a human being who is dirty, who is raving, who is yelling at buildings, who smells like he hasn’t had a bath in a year, this is an obvious situation (we have come to believe he is less than). In the Bible, if you look at what Jesus did, these are exactly the human beings that he approached, in order to cut through this sense of hierarchy. Now 2000 years later, perhaps humanity is ready to hear this message. But you have to understand that this human being who is experiencing homelessness, who is experiencing mental health challenges, who is having a very, very difficult time as a human being, that person’s contribution to the evolution of the planet is just as important as Oprah– somebody who has touched millions and perhaps even billions of people, because each has their own role in the purging of human consciousness. Does that make sense? (Of course it does.)


Judgments are habits of mind. One of the things that is easiest to identify when you are in a state of judgment is when your internal critic comes online. When it is saying to you: “you haven’t gotten enough done”, “why can’t you change somebody’s mind?”, “why can’t you do more, do better”. That is judgment that is turned against you. 


But, the judgment is also being projected outward. When you start judging somebody who may be very annoying, soften yourself, and perhaps even get to the point where you laugh. Recognize that this divine soul, this glorious being right in front of you, who is clothed in the guise of a human being, at this very moment is experiencing an extraordinary life just as you are. Perhaps that person isn’t conscious of it, but that doesn’t make it less true. In softening your attitude toward other people, you will naturally begin to soften your criticism against yourself. 


This is what we wish for you. Because in this softening, there is a clarity of mind. There is a peace that comes with allowing people, allowing humans, allowing things to be what they are, instead of what you want them to be. This deep sense of peace is what is called acceptance. And that acceptance is not passive in the least. But your accepting of the circumstances of this “now” moment, a moment which may be completely intolerable, is a deep acceptance. 


That doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything when it’s appropriate. That doesn’t mean that you’re passive, or that it’s okay with you that bad things are going on. But it is very important to accept it. Because if you accept it, you’re not pushing away the reality. 


Sometimes when there are horrors going on in the world, you just cannot even bear to look at it. But what we’re suggesting is moving toward acceptance. This will allow you to sink more deeply into your humanity and will allow you to have a deep sense of contentment because you will be able to see. You may not see clearly in the way you could write it down or put it into words. You couldn’t draw a picture of it, but you can feel, whatever happens, you are playing such an important role in this great symphony that is playing out on this planet. 

What I really want you to know now is the power of being. You have the intellectual power, the life force energy, but now you must come into the fullness of your being, feel the edges of your own energetic system, feel the internal sense of your own knowing.

Searching outside continually gives you the breadcrumbs and hints, but they always lead back to your own soul and knowingness.

The internal infinity is what you want to reach for now; reaching back into the wormhole that birthed your soul; feel the infinity of who you are and the infinity of your soul, reaching back into the origins of this Universe and geometric lattice work that formed YOU, moving from incarnated form to form, from the tiniest to the largest; all of this is you, and you have experienced so many forms, and will yet experience more.

In this life you are finally feeling the enormity and the cohesion between these forms, and the jumble that you are feeling is the remembering of all of those energetic states. Now is the time to allow, no more striving. No more putting things in categories; this is the old way of thinking, and while useful and informative for the material world, it fails in the face of “understanding” the energetics in which you are now swimming.

For this part, you must allow, allow, pushing aside the voice of the critic and the judge, swim in the waters and become part of them, don’t resist by categorizing or reasoning. Yes, this is terrifying. With the world in its current state of circumstances, the mind WANTS to reason, to figure, to categorize. But the old thinking that got the world to this state will only promulgate the state. What is needed now is experiential. FEELING and bringing all of the knowledge that you have attained, bring it into your being fully. Then you can begin to undo all of the conditioning; you’ve attempted to do it with the mind, but it can only take you so far. Now you know how your mind talks to you, and you can kindly reassure it and remind it, but now your Soul must be the leader.


Listen to your inner soul. Listen to the gentle whispers. The gross sensations, the obvious, covers the subtleness of the whispers, so gently push them aside and probe inward, until you come to the spark, the core of the truth, that makes your heart sing and your soul have rest.

For only in this realm can your soul truly relax and unfurl and expand. The mind’s rigidity will relax, but only if you continually reassure it and remind it of who you truly are.

That spark, that tiny glimmer, will then have the room to expand, until your being becomes unified once again, out of the chaos and fear of judgement.

We love you so much and it’s time to make that leap into the darkness that you have ascertained for so long, flirting with the edge and boring into the depths. Those depths can only be plumbed with experience, allowing the mind to watch and observe, trusting finally in the truth. It has seen the outline, but now you can color it in, enter in and feel the truth, instead of just intellectual knowing.

Come into yourself fully, Love. Step into your beingness and BE. And it will all, finally, make you whole.

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