On the Vessel of your Body, Part two

One of the features of the last several decades, particularly since the prevalence of American culture, particularly beginning in the 1940s, and 50s in the developed world, has been a dissociation from reality, and obsession with materialism. What accompanied that was an invalidation of human emotion, to the point of mocking and belittling those who expressed emotion. This was not unique to this time, of course, since that is one of the features of patriarchal culture, but it went hand in hand with the materialism and superficiality. 


That matrix, that unreality, is shattering. One of the major things that it did was to dissociate people to the point where they really didn’t see and didn’t know, for instance, what was happening in underdeveloped nations. As these people, particularly in the West, wake up, it is horrifying to realize how bad it has been and how terrible conditions still are on the planet. 


Now, people have a choice of which way to go.  They can dissociate and go into conspiracies, denial, plunging themselves into more facades, or they can allow themselves to feel. 


This is difficult, because one of the ways that this facade has been kept up is by removing people’s ability to deeply feel on a human level. What’s happening now is that this matrix has been stripped off and so people are feeling more than they ever have. This is very important, because when people are emotionally disconnected from what’s going on, they cannot effectively do work in the world. 


This heightening of emotions in particular, is one of the things that has cleared out the DNA and has cleared out the cells. For example: those people who have allowed themselves to feel the horror and the tragedy around COVID.   


When we feel emotions we are vibrating. And that vibration is shifting everything. Which means obviously feeling stronger, and stronger is equal to more and more energy moving. 


Which means we need energetic release, not to dodge our feelings. For example, you try to deal with that much energy as a dog. I’m not gonna judge him for it, he’s living energy management. Sometimes, “yeah, he needs a walk, that’s what’s happening.” There’s a lot we can learn from him.


I understand that dissociation is a very real issue. In fact, a lot of the early awakeners who came in, were very familiar with this dissociation. Being on the planet was too painful, yet they had to pave the way for the new people coming through. So, as the individuals who have been dissociated, floating around in space, are coming back on to the planet, the emotional energy is beginning to build more and more and more, and this emotional energy as with any other sort of energy, is powerful. 


The emotional bandwidth of many, many people was very small and superficial. The greed, all kinds of gross emotions, were the only thing that people could comprehend. The only time that they truly had deep emotions was, for instance, at the birth of a child or during death, the death of a loved one or their own death, where suddenly everything is stripped back. The only thing that is real are these emotional connections. So, this coming online of emotions is so very important… and it is difficult for many people, many people are feeling despair. They’re horrified. They feel regretful, they feel guilty that they didn’t do anything, and it’s painful. 


Understand that it is necessary because as they allow themselves to feel these emotions their bandwidth for feeling increases. Feeling their sadness, their horror, their grief, also allows for greater expressions of love and caring. 


This is so important because even just a few years ago, it was laughed at to have any sort of emotions at all. You were considered weak. You are considered ridiculous. Particularly In the Western world, and now, these things are being acknowledged.

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