Many people have observed within the spiritual community that it’s primarily women who have been drawn to healing, who have been drawn to doing spiritual work. Many people have commented on the lack of men within the community. 


You wouldn’t know this of course, because of the men always getting center stage but the proportion is actually staggeringly high. The reason for this is that this period of time, we knew would come, it’s predictable, part of a cycle. Anyone who has studied the evolutionary cycles of planets and galaxies knows that this inflection point comes in the cycle of moving out of the old paradigm of duality and good versus evil to what we are moving into next. 


What occurred before now was a huge focus on the masculine, and not what we refer to as the sacred masculine, we hesitate to use toxic masculinity because it is such a weighted term. We will say The Dark Side of masculinity. This came through on the positive side as scientific advancement. The dark side is the belief of separation of the individual against all competition. 


Now, because the human race was in a relatively low evolutionary state when this movement of duality came in. What was emphasized was this darker side of masculinity, and so the logical extension of this philosophy is colonialism. The actual assassination of those that didn’t believe with the colonizers, extreme tribalism, and so on. 


So, what we have been experiencing for the last decade or so, is a revival of the divine feminine. 


This has come in a lot of different forms. Some are quite radical. This current has been building and building and we have seen it expressed in certain segments, in which there is a softening. Especially around the question of the pandemic, where the realization that all are connected, is becoming so clear and so obvious because of the progression of this disease. There are no national borders, there are no places where you can hide from this. 


So, we’ve seen this feminine, rising to the surface, and there has been a great deal of purging. Some people who call themselves light workers or who are more tuned into the subtleties of energy, have been consciously working on this. But now is the crisis point. 


They often say that you can judge a civilization by the way that they treat women. And by that measure, the Earth is not a very civilized place. The feminine has been threatened in a massive way with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, and Christian fundamentalism in the West. So, there is a great crying out from Afghanistan, from Mexico, from other developed countries in which women are finally speaking out about the atrocities that they have endured. Behind the scenes, women have been subjected to massive loads of the work of humanity. This is one of the reasons why women in the past were not able to develop, we’ll call it intellectual capacity, just for lack of a better term. They did not have the freedom to be creative. 


So we’re now in a time in which everything is brought into stark relief. 


In the past, it was difficult to parse out what was really occurring because there was so much debris around. Now, a lot of that debris has disappeared and we’re looking at a stark landscape in which things become much, much clearer. 


What is occurring right now, is the equivalent of a scream in the darkness. From an energetic standpoint this is a shift because women have been suffering for a very long time. They believed that it was their role to take care of everything. But now there’s a scream in the darkness, which is activating other nodes on the planet. 


What’s occurring here is an activation of long dormant feminine principles. The feminine entity is associated with weakness. It has been associated with giving birth, and fluffiness and pink. It has been cute while true powerful femininity has been repressed. 


The principle of femininity, has birthed galaxies, has birthed the universe. Femininity is not weak. It is not fluffy. The feminine principle is the creator of worlds. It is this powerful force, which must be resurrected at this time. 

Part 2 follows…


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