One of the major issues that is coming up now is the question of hierarchy. This is the next up on the list of things that the human race needs to work through. Now we are going to talk about it from the point of view of the effect that the hierarchical way of thinking has on individuals. 


When human beings come on to the planet as the incredible tender, beautiful loving hearts that they are (this is the reason that people are so fascinated in love) the joy and the beauty that the souls represent can be seen. They have no preconceived notion or programming to get in the way of their utter complete joy with being alive. So, what occurs is that as the child grows the focus is keeping the heart intact, keeping the spirit intact so that it doesn’t get hurt. A protective personality begins to develop, it’s almost like a callus where you rub on it a little bit, and you might get a blister but you keep going. Then it becomes a thickened callus in which nothing can penetrate. 


Observe how conversations go, for instance, conversations in hierarchy are all about who wins. 


When you are in a conversation are you waiting for your turn to talk, or are you actually listening to the other person? That is a feature of what we’re talking about. When there is not a transparent sharing of ideas. Often even in a conversation based on the “sharing of ideas”, there is an attempt to subtly be better than the other person, because you know more, or you can figure out more, or have different experience or education, etc. There is a desire to win.


We’d urge you to keep track of this over the next period, because in the hierarchical way of having a conversation, somebody is always the winner, and somebody is always the loser. 


Since most conversations have this kind of hierarchical structure this is the way that we begin to think of ourselves as well. Are we getting ahead? Are we better than this person or are we less than that person? When you go through social media and you feel those pangs of jealousy. This is all about the hierarchy. Oh, this person is more beautiful than me, they have more money… it becomes an extraordinary judgment against human beings. A system where you’re always scrambling to get to the top, to be the winner, to be the one who’s right. The one who always comes out as the victor. 


This is a very uncomfortable way to live, because it is constantly jockeying for position, and constantly cutting other people down so that you feel bigger. 


In some people’s lives, this is what the entire thing is about: making everybody else feel bad, so that they feel worth something. 


Obviously this is a hideous way to live, but this is the way that a gigantic proportion of the world’s population lives… especially in the West, because this is prevalently a Western issue. 

This is really important to observe within ourselves. It’s very important to ask, “Am I relating to this individual as a human being?” Am I participating purely in an exchange of ideas, or am I subtly trying to make myself better than they are. This is one of the very important observations to make because this is one of the biggest issues that is going on with this so-called “division”. This is being played into by forces that love chaos, and they can continually feed into it with whatever the subject of the day is, and you can see it on social media in comments where people are constantly trying to one up each other to make themselves more knowledgeable or funnier or whatever it is they want to feel. It is not a frivolous thing to talk about, because it is precisely the way that human beings are being manipulated right now. 


You can see this in arguments quite easily, where they’re just triggering and triggering and triggering and nobody is responding from the standpoint of just being a human, they’re responding from being under attack. In the hierarchical system, they’re responding to feeling as though they’re being put down on the hierarchy ladder. This is what is up for review in the collective right now. The idea that some humans are better than other humans. It is not something that is going to be worked out immediately because it’s so very deep. It’s really interesting what’s happening on the planet because big obvious things are coming out, but the solution is in the tiny subtle things. The giant problems are solved by these subtle energies, because when you take it head on. It seems impossible.


What is required is a subversive way of doing things. This is how you’ll see giant shifts take place. You’ll just be going along and suddenly something will change drastically and you’ll say, “Whoa, where did that come from!” It came from all the little subtle shifts. 


What is required to move this forward is faith, because the tendency is to want to go big, to solve those gigantic problems right now, let’s just solve them. But that’s not actually the way that the energy works. (The solution is in the tiny subtle things.)

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