The inner child work is crucial for the reintegration of the entire self. That deep healing work is particularly crucial right now. As some spiritual people have observed, the process of spiritual awakening is not an adding to, it’s a taking away from. So what’s coming forward on the question of childhood is not a singular issue. 


Often inner child work is addressing a certain trauma, which caused the development of a certain aspect of a protective personality. But there is another aspect, which is capturing the energy and the frequency of the child that you were. As the density within the collective is being cleared out it is becoming much easier to feel a pure unadulterated frequency such as the one you had as a child.


Every individual has a frequency band that they operate within. 


What is happening more and more is that instead of being just a random grouping of individuals who came together for whatever reason, we are connecting as personal family groupings who inhabit a certain frequency. This is not speaking of the “nuclear family unit” but rather as “soul families”. And so, when you come onto the planet you resonate with that frequency, it is very pure. It is the trauma and the conditioning that we experience that diminishes our ability to feel that true frequency of self. 


When we say “inner child work” it’s actually more specific than that. This is a question of energetics. It’s not simply healing our inner wounds and becoming more “childlike”. It’s about releasing our energetic ties to all that we have taken on to dull, and diminish our energy to fit in rather than stand out.


As we move into this new elevation, you will be operating on the level of energy. More towards your soul expression, and less toward the human analytical side. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be turning off your brain but it is a developmental step which will allow you to express yourself more clearly. Say, for example, you are encountering a situation in which your mind is blank, you seem to be losing your memory, or things are not slowing in the way that they have in the past. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just different. This is a signal that you are going through the shift in consciousness, moving away from the analytical mind, the naming of things. It was a way to organize, categorize, judge and process information. Now, we are moving away from the rigidity of naming and having these imposed structures, to a much more flowing experience in which you will begin to understand things without words. 


You are now coming into the ability to function on energy and frequency. It doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the ability for rational thought. Rational thought has its place, but you are moving into a higher level. It is a key developmental step.


It was important to have this intellectual phase of humanity, but now you’re moving on to the next stage of evolution. This will be taking that rational analytical part and folding it because of the physical experience of being in a body. Rather than being “all mind” or “all body” it will become more of an integration.


The next phase is still being in a physical body while going back to the ability to operate in this wordless state, with the added richness of the intellect. So it’s not rejecting the intellect, rejecting science, rejecting all of that, it is what some people refer to as 5D. 


We are coming from 3D. The state in which the intellectual mind has mastered matter. It is the experience that All That Is wishes you to have first. You pass through this because it adds a richness to your soul experience that you could not get without the experience of being in a physical body. It’s just another manifestation. Looking from a higher perspective you may look at this as simplistic and seek counsel with spiritual guides and forces beyond the physical. You may argue that certain guides know so much more, and that is true, but some of them have never been in physical form. Others act as guides because they are so interested in what it’s like to be in physical form. It’s an experience all it’s own.


Part of what all humans are facing right now is the shift away from rugged individualism. One person against the world. Moving into this wordless stage also means opening oneself to collaboration with The Universe. Instead of trying to push it all by oneself, we’re saying there’s not enough faith. This is the next step in beginning to master co-creation with The Universe, co-creation with organizations, or collaborations with other human beings. This is when you all talk about the shift from the vertical to the horizontal. This is what it’s all about. This collaboration is not just with other humans, it is with The Universe. 


So, the ability to move into the wordless state is also the ability to feel this creation flow, to submit to it, and to give permission for it to flow through. 


A lot of people say that they’re collaborating with The Universe. They’re really trying. They’re pushing everything along with their brain. In order to do it, they keep saying submit, fall into submission. Let go of wanting. Yet, it’s not “surrendering to” it’s “aligning with”. It’s acknowledging that you’re not an individual God, because there’s something else there. Submission is actually aligning your mission. It’s not surrendering your power to accept or yield to a superior force. It’s not the authority of another person. It is it’s own force. 


Go back to the frequencies. The connection. That’s how we come full circle on this.


That’s why it’s all coming back to the same thing. The evolution of individual souls and collaboration with all of the other souls that are going through this evolutionary process. One of the problems is that people who are more educated, people who have put in more spiritual work fall into the “hierarchical”, fall into the “judgment”. It’s fine if you do that, but it’s going to make you miserable. It will take up a lot of time that could be used on much more interesting things.


It is this hierarchy question that separates you from the rest of humanity, it’s a very subtle thing.


It’s the belief that you’re better than someone else, because you’ve done more spiritual work, or whatever. That is all part of the old constructs. And it’s also projection and making assumptions about what another individual is going through. So we’re telling you these things because if you continue to focus on all the people saying things that you judge as wrong, you’re not in creation mode. The way to help other people to understand and to become more conscious, is to break down the barriers between you and them. To operate from a soul level. We’re coming back to the question of frequencies. Because that’s what all comes back to. 


We are all in this together. Now more than ever.

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