There is a new way of operating the mind that is beginning to come forward. This begins with the premise that the mind, the body, and the spirit are not separate. We put them in these categories. That method has been useful, but this is in the process of changing along with the ideas about hierarchy and judgment that we’ve been talking about. 


The mind, as a unit, has logical limitations. What is happening now, is a reintegration of all of our systems. The next phase of evolution.


It’s actually going back to the primer in a certain sense. This is how the universe operates. Higher and higher levels of organization. Within that, there are cycles of birth and death. And then within that there is the long wave of birth and death. 


In the future, from the standpoint of this being something that you can look back upon, you will see what is taking place. There are undercurrents that are going on. We say in the future, because then you will be better able to see and understand what is not seen in the visible world. Once we are at a new level of evolution we can look back. What we can do now, is tell you that there are very long waves that will one day come into focus and understanding. So, when you see these shows that are set in 2000 years in the future and human beings are still exactly the same. That’s not how it works, it will not look that way. 


Naturally, the human race could decide to annihilate itself; this is always a possibility. This is a very volatile period of time. The problem right now is that the cynical people who only care about power are willing to blow up the water. It’s kind of like a little kid who thinks, “If I can’t have this I’m going to destroy it.” So, it is very dangerous. But the reason that we are telling you all that is that there is an extraordinary process in place right now.


And it is just a preview of what will happen on the scale of the Spirit.


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