You think that you have to do all of this intellectual work. Humans think that they have to do all of these things to be spiritual and to be on the path. Right now it must be understood that your endeavor, in a certain sense, is to be still.


It is for you to know “I am God.” To be still. To know that you are the Creator. 


It’s in this stillness, that the truth lies. The pause between the notes. It’s in the silence, of contemplation and reflection. And in this realm, which we think is a paradox, which you would think is nothingness, is everything.


It’s so rich with energy. You must understand that this substance, of what you would term nothingness, is everything.


From that pause is beauty, is joy. But we must also say that, don’t miss that part of your endeavor that is experiencing what is termed as the low, the devastating and the difficult. It is all to be loved, everything is to be loved. And once you can reach the point where you can see the beauty and tragedy– you can see the beauty in suffering, all bound up with joy all bound up with the complexities of human experience and experience in general. When you see the resolution of the paradox of good and evil and when you love all of it, so fiercely. Understanding that it’s all you, wishing to experience everything. The depth of it is from feeling that paradox, feeling that deep love for every thing that you step into the unboundedness. 


Again, defining your energy field, if you would, you would think that the way to merge with the Creator would be to get rid of your energy field completely to try to merge. This is why one of these paradoxes where you think you need to be strong, actually calls for total awareness. That is the state that you’re moving into. 


So we would caution you against judgment now. Because it’s very easy to look at a situation that somebody else is in and feel sorry for them. But, this is the evolution of their soul. 

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