It’s not a question of differentiating your energy field or building structures. There’s a little spark, a scintilla, inhabiting all of us. Then ironically, that is exactly what merges you. This unified field is energetic sovereignty. 


Because the work of humans is the creator set into motion, she planted a seed. She created the energetic latticework and from that was generated a chaos field, which over the millennia, has become more and more ordered.


If you look at the history of Gaia, herself, you’ll see that she went from a rather chaotic structure to higher and higher levels of organization. And now, what’s occurring is that humans are inhabiting the intention that she had for them. In addition to exploring all of the beauty of creation, the purpose was to replicate herself. Now what is occurring is that through these higher and higher levels of organization on this planet,  of course, this is happening in other places as well, because this is the way and the force of the universe. This love and this evolution. 


The beings on this planet are simply becoming. They are the universe. They are The Creator become conscious, and The Creator is delighted. Now, each piece of herself becomes a creator as well. 


It is constant expansion. Constant. More and more intricate and beautiful and participatory weaving all of the different aspects of consciousness. When you feel this force of beauty and love and goodness in your soul, and you look at the outside world, and you say, “Oh my God, these things don’t have anything to do with each other!” Understand that what you feel in your soul is the truth. It will end these thoughts of separation and the future physical reality has to meet you. 


You’re one of the beings who is ahead. This is why we’ve recently been talking so much about stepping into power and understanding the responsibility. Not from the standpoint of obligation, but from the standpoint of seeing the beauty of your participation, and how that participation happens, whether you’re conscious or not. But, it’s so much more fun to be conscious of it. 

Once you leave behind the constructs of all of the programming, which was necessary when it happened. When it went in, we played with the paradigm of good and evil, and with contrast. Before that, there was no contrast. It was all beauty. It was all joy. It was all sadness. It was all emotions, all experiences in one. So, without introducing the concept of good versus bad, there could not have been evolution, because the contrast had to be seen in order to compare things, but this story has played itself out. And now, this is why we are stressing the question of paradox so much, because it is not in the good, it is not in the evil. It is in that space in between us, which is not in between us. It is everything.

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