I’ve been thinking about this primal way of thinking that we have in order to survive, we put things into categories such as: dangerous, familiar, unfamiliar, etc. Then move that into “right” or “wrong”. If our thinking is evolving, can we move past that primal thinking? 


You’ll never lose the primal part as long as you’re in the flesh. That is a good thing because it’s actually another dimension. The primal has been associated with early humans, and also animals, and this is one of the areas where categorization of consciousness has been looked down upon in different cultures as a type of hierarchy. What we will continue to stress over and over again is that this is all about unity, which means embracing every bit. 


You’ll always have those primal tendencies because your spirit is primary. You will be able to smile and take that primal part of yourself and hug it to your chest. In fact, as long as you’re in physical form fear is not a bad thing to have. It is an instinct that can save your life. Such as the case of an ingrained fear of being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. You don’t want to end up like some kind of legendary meditating person who ends up dying because you can’t come out of meditation during a flood or something. Understand that it’s all about embracing every bit. 


What do we mean by embracing every bit, if we are trying to purge our system of these old energies? 


What we say to that is that when you have an energy within you, try to pick something simple. 


It doesn’t ever really leave. It just softens. For example, if you were wronged when you were a child and you have a particularly traumatic memory. Well, you wouldn’t want the “Men in Black” to come and completely wipe it out. But, even if that happened, the remnants would still be in your system even if your mind couldn’t remember it. What we’re doing here when we are “purging” is shifting the energies. We’re not removing them. We are softening them so that they become lessons.


This is what we refer to as wisdom. Loving these memories, even the trauma because it adds some richness. The process of the purging, or the energy healing, is removing the emotional trigger as well as removing the physiological trigger.

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