What’s occurring right now is that a certain proportion of the beings on this planet have been doing an enormous amount of work in the ethers. 


In fact, there’s a great deal that’s going on outside of consciousness. All of the work that has been done in the ethers to allow humans to see their divinity in their connection with the Creator, now we’re grounding it, we’re bringing it down into form. 


The geomagnetic storms, all of the electrical anomalies that are taking place, as well as movement that’s taking place in the earth herself of which we are not really cognizant. Even the scientists aren’t really picking it up, although we’re seeing the effects of it with earthquakes and things. The work now is to take this band of consciousness of aesthetics, and bring it into form. 


What needs to be understood is that we think about our soul as being contained in our head or in our heart. It’s crucial to understand that when you incarnated into this physical form, your soul didn’t just go into one area, it is the entirety of your physical form plus your energy system. It’s not a question of trying to convince your body or “bring it along for the ride” or anything like that. It has to be understood that the entirety of your spirit is through the body in the cells, your lifeforce energy. Your spirit is in every cell, every molecule. 


What is occurring now is that all of these electromagnetic disturbances and so on are helping. There were certain circuits that were connected. It’s shaking them to get them to let go. And as a result of it, all of this free energy that is being generated can be used in order to set up the new energetic latticework of the planet. 


It’s important to understand what’s happening right now if you’re feeling odd physical sensations. There is incredible purging, incredible reorganization taking place on the level of the physical body. Now, the endeavor is to understand this and to realize that every scintilla of your beingness, including your energy field, holds the essence that is you. That is, when you become a new human your spirit resides consciously in every part of your body. At that point, you can begin to experience the other dimensions that are here, and you’re simply not seeing them. 


So instead of running away from the body and its miseries, we need to embrace it, the beginning of that is of course, self love and loving the body for what it is and the incredible magical processes that it carries out constantly. This will in turn, activate the electromagnetic power of your heart. Which then will create a situation for your energy field. The entire thing becomes a sensory organ. This is what you are actually experiencing, but most of you don’t. We’re explaining it to you so that you have something to hold on to when you’re feeling these sensations in your body. And so that’s why it’s very important. The body says rest, you rest. Also, we would say, accept every different state that you find yourself in, sometimes you might feel that you’re not totally here, and it feels weird and uncomfortable. All of these things are processes that are taking place beyond your consciousness. As you know, Gaia is undergoing this evolutionary process in which you are participating. 

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