During the day if you feel yourself becoming anxious, notice what your body is doing. 


Are you breathing up high in your chest? Are you allowing yourself to fully receive oxygen?


Take a moment and fully soak in all of the energies that are swirling around you. By extension, all of the love that is there. 


Visualize yourself as the energetic spirit that you are and feel all the way around you. What I’m envisioning right now is a giant tapestry, a great network of individual souls. It almost looks like neurons. Understand that the microcosm is the macrocosm. The giant structures, the fortresses that we see, the huge energetic structures and galaxies. These things also happen within us. As above, so below. And so, keep breathing and feeling yourself as part of this extraordinary grid of consciousness. 


Begin to focus on your root chakra first and pull up energy from the planet from the soles of your feet. Breathe it in. Breathe it up.


Breathe out from this connection and allow the energy to swirl around that root chakra cleansing and clearing, calming and connecting, and feel that connection to the earth. Just lock right in. As though your roots and your feet are magnets. You can feel your deep connection. 


Now breathe up again, from your feet through your legs up through your root and now up into your sacral.


The sacral is shiny and bright today. For the last period of time, we’ve seen a shift. In the last decade or so, we’ve seen the rise of the divine feminine. When it originally came in, it was a call to softness, a call to surrender, a call to receptivity. But now the goddess is shifting. We are experiencing, we have been experiencing, what some call Kali energies. Now it is building and building, this is the warrior goddess who is coming forward– feel that rising up within your sacral. Along with this energy of strength, a purity of justice. What also arises is a strengthening and an acknowledgement of the power, the creative force of the feminine. Feel your root and sacral chakras now moving in synchrony. 


Breathe again. Up from the planet and this time. Give your solar plexus a little spin. Solar Plexus has been coming forward in a big way. A lot of people have been complaining of nausea

and strange sensations around the midsection. We are the wave. We are the energy of change. Our confidence, our sureness of ourselves, our clarity. These are all features of the solar plexus and so, it is spinning as we are moving the energy through it. I’m almost seeing shards fly off of that, because it is now that we must speak our truth. Everything that we have repressed, that we have held back. It’s now to the point where we really don’t have a choice. We need to speak. With that, breathing up once again from the planet into our hearts. This is a big hearted group. I’m calling in the assistance of our Guides, our Angels, our Teachers. Observing the spaciousness of our hearts. The tenderness. As the energy flows from the root up through the sacral and the solar plexus, feel the effect that solar plexus is having on the heart. Feel the role that they play. Because this is not a soft mushy field in love. This is fierce love. 


Breathe once again up from the earth. Now into your throat. Big throat issues these days, and give that chakra a little spin. Again, it’s almost like centrifugal action where it’s spinning all of the things that you no longer need, that you’ve outgrown, that had their usefulness, but no longer. Let them go. Allow yourself to feel the void without filling it. What does it feel like to have no trauma? To be able to speak your truth? 


Breathing up once again from the Earth through the root through the sacral through the solar plexus. Through the heart. Through the throat. Go ahead and just spin that chakra around. Notice how it comes into synchrony with the others. Just allow any cloudiness, any confusion, any lack of clarity, to float away. Allowing our third eye, to be open and to be clear, and unclouded. 


And now is a really good time with our third eyes open. Just do a little bit of observation. How’s your body feeling with this work? Are you feeling tingles? Are you feeling the energy flowing? All of us experience this differently and it’s very important for you to not judge what energy does within your system. It’s very important to become intimate with your own system, understanding that it is utterly unique.


Feel the energies in your legs. Are they flowing? Can you feel your legs or do they feel numb. Can you feel your feet? Try to feel it from the inside. 


Take a look at the chakras. Note the frequency that the deep, resonant root has. Notice how the sacral has not just a different color, it’s a different frequency. Same for solar plexus. They’re like musical notes. They’re like variations in color. The more that you play with feeling these energies, the more aware you become and the more you get closer to your true energetic self. It’s simply making use of all of your senses, not just the five that we have come to understand. 


Now, breathing up through all of your chakra pillar to the crown. 


This one has a very different frequency. 


Shoot energy out of your crown. Just like if you were a sprinkler. Just allow that energy to be drawn up. Like there’s straws, 1000 tiny straws at the bottom of your feet and in your legs, drawing the energy up from the planet, through your body, out your crown and flowing down around you. Feel that sensation. This might be new to you, it takes practice to feel the inside of your body. Feel the tiny little tingles note where they are. You know, I’ve been doing this for years, but every day, every morning, it’s different. There’s a certain baseline I recognize. My general soul frequency. But every day I go in and see what the energies are doing. 


Now we have this beautiful Torus set up between us and the planet, using all of our chakras, our entire system. We are so powerful.

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