You are moving into the next level of consciousness. 


As you can imagine, of course, there will always be other levels to explore. It’s not as if you are suddenly The Creator, right? Once you get past this hump of not understanding your physical body and of not understanding what you are capable of… we’re speaking of the human race as a whole not understanding the connection to the Earth, part of the issue is that humans believe that they’re separate from the Earth. Some of that belief has come from Christianity with the proclamation to fill the earth and subdue it. This was a misinterpretation. 


Yet again, it was a necessary evolutionary jump. 


Now you are reaching the point in which you begin to see what humans are capable of doing.


However, you are in this in-between period where things are sorting themselves out. There’s a great deal of chaos. It’s not a bad thing.  Yet, it is an awful process. The inevitable “falling out” of what will be released, left behind, no longer needed or applicable. It is neither easy nor comfortable.


Once you get past the paradigm of good and evil and you’re fully centered in what some people are terming, the ninth wave, which is the unity consciousness, that is when the real fun happens. That is when you can begin to weave and create your own universes, your own galaxies and your own energetic structures. It will be then you realize that it is all you and it is all Creator. It is all one thing. 


You may often wonder what is outside the Universe. This is one of the most difficult things for humans to grasp, but this is it. This is all and it is constantly expanding. If you can trust in knowing that this is it. I am that I am and always will be. You will always be. 


This concept of eternity is so difficult for humans. Think of it like this: a slingshot. A slingshot into infinity. This is how it is. 


As difficult as the situation on this planet may be, understand the beauty and the potency and the incredible love that is coming forth. As a result of this crisis, look at all of the people working in the so called third world countries to help. Imagine what would happen if every child were fed, were given the opportunity, imagine the unleashing of creativity that would take place. This is what is in the future of this planet. 


You are participating in it and the more that you can bask in this knowledge it will turn out all right. Whatever you do or how you do it, doesn’t make any difference. So you may as well tread the path of joy.

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