The process of embodiment is something that we’ve been talking about for several years.

What’s occurring now is that so many of you have come to rest on the surface of the planet, yet still exist in a relatively superficial way. And so, now focus is coming into the very core of the body as we are very much in a deep relationship with COVID. 

This virus is revealing to people that everyone is interconnected. It is also making many people extremely aware of what’s taking place within their bodies. This is really important.

This is paramount especially in places that have been heavily influenced by the faction of Christianity, which rejects the body. The teachings say we must mortify the flesh, the body is evil and so on. And it is from this philosophy that we learn the separation between the soul and the body. That is where much of the distorted perspective on bodies comes from. And so, this Corona Virus has brought people’s health into very stark relief. A lot of people are feeling into their bodies in a way that they have not before. 

Becoming conscious of the interior of bodies is the key here. This allows for the separation that has existed between mind, body and soul to be accessed. When you have them essentially encapsulated separate from one another, rejecting the body, it becomes extremely complex to get these systems working together again. 

It’s as though there were dividers that were set up to segregate the different parts of human beings. And that of course, when you have a traumatic society like what you have going on, there is even more compartmentalization and escape from the body and from the system. 

Coming back to this question of the mind, body spirit. In this philosophy, the body was treated like a reject and was essentially pushed out of the equation. The soul likewise, has not been given a great deal of attention. 

It’s almost like you have a sphere divided into three, but the body and the spirit are not taking up the two-thirds space and so the mind has predominated. 

What’s the answer? To allow the body to take up a little more space, right? Of course, however it also requires focus on the body which becomes a focus on subtle energies. Energies that we have not accessed or allowed ourselves to feel in most if not all of this lifetime. Opening this access then allows the soul to also begin to come into play in a bigger way. 

All of these things occurring have begun to wake people up. This is another thing that has given the soul a little bit more room. Understand that you may not be seeing the results of it right now, but there is a great movement taking place within the population. An awakening and a strengthening within those people who are sensitive, who can send subtle frequencies, who have so called talents. 

In truth, it’s not that they are more “talented” per se, or that they hold super powers, necessarily. It’s that they’re just a little bit farther on the evolutionary scale as human beings.

They are here to teach, to lead, to bring the others along.

These people who happen to be a little bit more sensitive are being called into service. They are being drafted. And as in the regular draft, there are those who are going willingly or a lot that are not willing whatsoever. Their resistance is setting up a further compartmentalization of their systems or rigidity within their systems. And it’s making it very, very, very uncomfortable for them. 

Between 2022 and 2024, more and more of these people will be waking up and we want to address the question of whether suffering is necessary for human beings to achieve so called enlightenment or spiritual maturity.

An issue that has been floating around for quite a while (and has been generally accepted) is that it’s necessary to go through a dark night of the soul in order to get to the other side. 

The reason that it has taken crises to wake people up is because of the layers of density that your society has imposed. 

When you come into your body as a baby, you are vulnerable and open since you do not have these layers piled up on top of you. But as you are traumatized by society, and it happens really early, such as the expected practice of babies being forced to cry it out. In some cases, babies being neglected or treated like less than human or like dolls, these are traumatic circumstances for the tender new soul on the planet. And you might not think that they’re significant, but there is no hierarchy of trauma and each one of these are traumas where the child does not believe that they will be rescued. They are taught that they cannot ask for help, because it will not come and layer after layer after layer builds up. 

So it becomes necessary to create a crisis to pierce through all of those layers so that people can begin to peel them back. 

But if there were a good society, which raised children well from the start. One that was healthy and nurturing, it wouldn’t be necessary. We wouldn’t need to have a crisis and to suffer in order to step into full soul purpose. So this was an important question to answer because it really puts a spotlight on the disease of the society that dominates the collective. 

This collective in general is traumatized. 

And (between 2020 to 2024) as more is revealed, as more crises come forward, because they will, you are going to see an explosion of people who are asking deep questions. It will be a radical departure from the superficial mentality of the collective in the past. 

Things will be shifting. That is one of the reasons why. 

Those who have already been called, who already have developed a lot of, as you call them, superhuman abilities. In truth, they’re just new human abilities. These people will need to step forward. 

Some of them have gotten caught in a perpetual cycle of the dark night of the soul. Some of them, despite the fact that they are extraordinarily gifted and well educated, are there. They’re still wedded to the 3D, they’re still wedded to the illusion and so they’re constantly being pulled back and forth. They don’t have a model for what this new world can be, as they are the ones who will create it.

They are caught in a conflict between ‘how do you, as a spiritual individual, make money in the world’ and late stage Capitalism. They’re looking at this as a sharp delineation. 

That wall needs to be knocked down. There are many, many healers, many intuitives, many sensitives who are ready to be called up. And there are some that will take a little longer, but they need to be called into action. It’s almost like they’re the reserves. 

What an exciting time to be human.

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