A lot of emotions these days, lots and lots and lots of emotions. 

Our tendency in the Western world is to push them down. What we are going for now is to allow our emotions, the bottled up emotions, to be released. 

We have been trained to really not feel. When we come onto the planet, the world is overwhelming so we sort of dull ourselves down. It has also been passed down generationally and traditionally. In our recent history, our emotions were a liability. One that could cost our life. Dulling down our emotional selves has been a survival tool. Through that lens, we’ve done a great job. 

In the case of empaths and highly sensitive people, we dial down our sensitivity because it gets us into trouble. People say we’re too sensitive. People look at us funny if we cry. So, we dial back our emotions. We do this to make ourselves blend in, to cause less of a stir, and to make others more comfortable. 

Even if we can cry and express our emotions, it’s still like we are holding it back. Holding it back and holding the weight of it in. The shame. The weakness. The embarrassment. The fear. And so we apologise. 

I have had a huge emotional release over the last week or so. I feel like the cells in my body have shifted. What I’ve been doing was allowing those emotions to be there. Fully feel them, even really unshared before emotions, I’ve allowed them to be there. To be with them. To give them space. I’ve been doing this because we need to learn to feel again. Feeling is one of the parts of the next phase in our evolution. What we are going to be able to do is to feel far more than we ever did before. So, now I am practicing, I am feeling, I am listening, and I am learning.

Our five senses will be heightened as we grow in this direction, but we will also be developing what’s called the Sixth Sense, which is the ability to sense the subtle frequencies. This is the next phase of stepping into the new dimension. Fully utilizing the senses that we have, while evolving into a new way of being. 

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