How we dissolve separation is reunification, co-creation, and collaboration. 

This is the human race maturing. This is the human race stepping into the beginning of its maturity. 

You are gradually going into a completely different state of consciousness, in which you will realize that you are not alone, the planet is not alone. You are coming into so much joy and so much celebration. The joining together with other energies that have reached a certain level of evolution. Not just galactic.That’s the beginning. It is also Universal. But we find that it’s quite enough to try to stretch human beings’ consciousness with just the galaxy. That’s way more than enough. 

This is a beautiful process. Observe how the old structures are dissolving. This response to the virus worldwide really reflects that institutions are collapsing and disintegrating. When you look at the completely bizarre response of these various countries, look at the bigger issue, which is this is the collapse of structures that can no longer function because they are violating natural law. That’s what’s happening. 

It doesn’t make any difference how many billions of dollars these representatives of the old system have. They don’t make any difference because they’re part of that old structure. 

There are some interesting things happening, too. Some of the structures that are developing right now will not end up being used the way that they wanted to, but they’re building the foundations for the new humans. They’re going to develop the technologies yet they don’t even realize how they are helping evolution.

They are creating structures that are based on love, compassion, and unity consciousness. They will survive if they have the capability to convey that, but if they don’t, they will not survive, no matter what. There is nothing more powerful than this great evolutionary process. Nothing more powerful than the calling forward of humanity.

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