The energetic system of a human being is a pillar of light. It is what humans are. 

This pillar of light can be described as having a funnel at the top. This funnel is when the etheric energy is called down. This is also the path through which much information is conveyed. 

Secondarily, as you may have seen in drawings and diagrams, there is the description of the human body as a kind of energetic fountain. The Fountain image is when you, as a crystalline entity, are sending information out to the universe from within. 

You might want to think about human beings as like the radios for planet Earth. They receive and transmit. Yet in this transmission it’s not like Gaia herself is cut off, it’s that the human beings are helping to amplify. 

So when we look down on the planet, we see you. You’ve probably seen pictures from outer space of the planet. You can often even see points of light to tell where the cities are. This is really similar to what we see when we look at your planet. We see these points of light and of course there are 7 billion of them. There is a filament from each one, a pillar of light. Touching the Earth and connecting to the Heavens.

When we speak about multi-dimensionality, human beings exist in the 3D, and people refer to going into 5D going into 9D and so on. This is, as we have described before, the difference between 3D and 5D. In 3D you look at a flower and you say, ‘Oh, that’s pretty.’ And in 5D, you feel the spirit of the flower, you marvel at the sacred geometry, you marvel at the lifeforce energy that created it. It is simply adding dimension.

As Human Beings are entering 5D, it adds dimensionality and potential and takes away the limitations inherent in regular 3D language. 

You’re moving into communicating with others, certainly through the usual spoken language, but it becomes beyond that. You will have the 3D words coming out, but there will be 5D dimensionality behind it. 

Human beings are very slowly going into a different way of communicating with one another. This corresponds with the coming online of other human capabilities, as well, and it stems from our energetics.

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