A lot of the human beings that are coming onto the planet right now are very different than humans were 100 years ago. They are also very different from other human beings that are incarnated on the planet now. 

For instance, you supposedly have an uptick of autism and an uptick of ADHD and an uptick of all of these different so called afflictions or conditions. In truth, these are simply human beings with very different sensitivities and capabilities than previous humans, but they are being born into a society that does not support them. A society that does not understand or allow for them to thrive in their powerful gifts.

Many beings are becoming attracted to this planet. It used to be that humans that were primarily Earth based and enmeshed into a kind of reincarnation loop were the same beings over and over populating the Earth. The souls that are coming in now have not been subjected to the same reincarnation loop, a process which piles on trauma after trauma after trauma. Therefore, these beings are much freer in their ability to break free from popular culture and society. This is being assisted and amplified by your internet, which has the advantage of bringing people from far places together.

The internet is setting up the mechanical means of what was referred to by philosophers as the noosphere, the collective consciousness. Now, what we’re talking about here is not the lower level collective consciousness that’s always grumbling. As you know, that’s like a low roar. 

What we’re talking about is the elevated human consciousness. This is an amplification of what we were talking about earlier, where humans are both the transmitters and the receivers. This is co-creation with Gaia. 

It’s not something that’s external, it’s right to the planet. This is part of her evolutionary process. It’s part of her personal development journey. Very much like the way that you will begin to cooperate with your body and collaborate with it. This is bringing all systems together. 

That doesn’t mean that every cell is going to cooperate but that’s okay, because this ancient energy is rising once again. 

It is rising as it did with human beings millennia ago. We were in communion with the planet and that was carried through with certain populations like the Native people in what is now the United States. Various spiritual civilizations, various spiritual currents. Human beings used to have a consciousness of unity and that unity consciousness was seen in certain populations, certain spiritual traditions. 

Within this oneness with the planet, this Unity Consciousness, grew a deliberate attempt to stamp it out. This can be called Colonialism. 

We know that this is stemming back to this question of hierarchy.

As we’ve discussed many times before, humans have gone through many different waves and evolutions and now we are coming back into the realms of unity consciousness, but it is informed by all of the lessons of good versus evil hierarchy and all the rest of these tendencies that have gone on within the population. 

So what is what we’re talking about? We are talking about the planet and we’re talking about human bodies, it all comes back to the same thing. 


Unification of these different parts of humans and it was because of hierarchy, because of good versus evil, because things were compartmentalized. Now we are in a state of bringing everything back together to experience this Oneness. Not from the standpoint of individuals losing themselves and no longer having free will. This is Unity Consciousness, with consent and with consciousness. 

With deliberate action this is when the human race matures. Internally in body and externally in community.

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