Non-judgment is a common spiritual topic, but why is it so important? How does it help humankind reach Unity Consciousness? This blog explores the powers and practices of non-judgment so you can exist in a deeper state of presence, with less suffering and stress. As with all my work, this guidance has been channeled by Phaedon.

The Importance of Practicing Presence

The first key they want to convey to you is to be present. Future tripping is a problem because you’re not present. That’s the key issue. It’s like your spirit leaves your body and goes and wanders around in the wasteland of what could be, instead of staying in the present moment.

This leads us right into discussing judgment. We can’t be judgmental about whether people are working on their spirituality or not, because everybody is doing it all the time. No one has to formally ‘work’ on their spirituality. That’s what humans are always doing, that’s the purpose of life. Even if they’re not meditating, or even if they’re not conscious of it. Some people do get stuck in loops, yes, but their soul is still evolving. There’s no point in staying on the planet if the soul’s evolution isn’t happening.

How We Judge Ourselves

The judgment of yourself is the same energy that’s being pointed outwards at other people. Although, generally, our judgment of ourselves is much harsher. You can do your practice of non-judgment regarding other people, but then you have to come inside and say, “Okay, am I also not being judgmental about myself? Am I realizing that on a given day, I do the best I can with the tools that I have, and I always have?”

Too often we’re constantly judging what we do. “Did I say the right thing? Should I have said something else?”

It is so much more peaceful when you’re in a state of non-judgment. You’re not trying to interpret things a certain way because you have a story about that person. Because that’s what it’s about, you look at somebody, they’re doing something, and you interpret it through your lens. They could be having the greatest breakthrough of their soul’s journey right now, but you can’t see it because you have assigned a story to what’s going on with them. It might not have anything to do with what they’re going through at all.

There is a peacefulness when you don’t project onto reality, when you accept what’s there.

Non-Judgment, Presence, and Releasing Suffering

That brings us back to the question of presence. Because presence means that you are ALL THERE in that moment. You’re not making up stories, you’re not separating yourself, disassociating from the situation. When you are in this state of presence, you can allow other people to express themselves. You can listen and hold space for these people.

As you cultivate presence, it will continue to expand. And then you’re not suffering. You suffer when you start to make up stories about other people. With presence, you can just concentrate on being fully human in this moment.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between Presence and Disassociation when we’re discussing non-judgment from the standpoint of not intervening with other people and allowing them to have their process. Disassociation is seeing the suffering in the world and feeling nothing. When you feel separate from it, then you don’t have to do anything about it.

Defining a Non-Judgmental Mindset

In the beginning, it may feel that this is a tightrope that you’re walking, so let me elaborate. Being non-judgmental and open means your heart is engaged. It doesn’t mean that you see a homeless guy on the street, and you kick him as you go by, because that’s his experience and soul growth. The worst of this kind of spiritual bypass is when individuals are blamed for their afflictions or even referred to as being less than human. When this happens, you know heart energy is absent.

Compassion and oneness, Unity Consciousness, is what we are moving toward. One way to think about it is that it’s like catching yourself being anxious, and parenting yourself through it. (We hope that you do this if you need it!)

When you parent yourself, you console that part of yourself that is caught up in apprehension or regret (very often a child part of us). You have to gently tell yourself, “It’s ok, my body’s just having a physiological reaction. I’m triggered because of something that happened in the past.”

This is the kind of energy we want to have with other people, if they welcome it.

The Role of Non-Judgment in Unity Consciousness

This is a really fruitful area to examine. How do when you are a part of Unity Consciousness rather than still not intervening all over the place? How can you understand that you’re part of the whole while having enough respect for other people, so they can have their process?

If you want to see Unity Consciousness on the planet, it first has to happen in you. It happens first in individuals, in the people who are actually conscious of the spiritual experience that they’re having. Being in Unity Consciousness within ourselves means that there are no closets that we’ve shoved things into. We are not partitioned. We don’t put on certain masks for some people, another mask for other people. You are who you are.

This is the challenge for all those who are conscious now.

We’re not going to say that it’s easy, because when you see these human tragedies being perpetrated, the tendency is to want to disassociate or turn away. We want to think “It’s not happening here. It’s not affecting me.”

But we must allow our hearts to be open. We must love those that are suffering, to help where we can.

Using Presence and Non-Judgment to Deepen Our Humanity

When it gets chaotic on the surface of the planet, we can’t disassociate. We’ve got to root in and be a part of humanity. This is not just the part of humanity that includes the “enlightened people” and the likable people. It includes the humans stuck in the old paradigm. The people who still believe in the game of domination and hierarchy. We have to be one with them as well! It is simply an acknowledgment that this is where the human race is.

We need to know where we’re starting from in order to get to something better.

You’re not justifying everything, you’re just understanding that you’re part of this collective.

It’s just like when people come to spiritual work and will pretend they’re enlightened. But, until they can get to the point of acknowledging where they are in their journey, they really can’t progress.

So it’s easy to say, especially if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you get the illusion that all humans are like that. And not everyone is right now. Many are still locked in the old hierarchy.

With all of my blogs and channelings, I’ll continue to expand on non-judgment and Unity Consciousness. You can also join The Wolfe Pack here for regular energy healings, readings, and more.

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