My entire life, I have felt a deep connection to the evolution of the planet, and searched for my role in that expansion, through politics, education, a series of businesses that I hoped would connect me more fully with that mission. It was only when I went deeply within, surrendering layer after layer, that I found the core of my work.

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Artist, and Mentor, working with individuals and groups to assist them in connecting with soul purpose at the core of their being.

In this time of unprecedented energetic shift, so many of us are being called, so many of us have incredible opening of long-forgotten gifts and awareness of the real universe, outside of the shallow perception that we adopted in our incarnation.

It can get confusing and cause great suffering–but I help people to remember. To access that part of ourselves that remembers–because we chose to incarnate at this time to assist in the expansion of this planet.

We are breaking out of the old paradigms that have ruled the planet for millennia; my gift is to understand this shift not in terms of 50 years or even 2000 years, but over the entire history, and to help my clients remember and recall the joy of participating in the process.

We have an opportunity now; many civilizations have attempted this shift into higher consciousness, but now, with the sheer number of souls and the power of connection through the internet (as well as other forces), there is a great excitement, which so many are feeling.

It feels urgent. We are experiencing the breakdown of institutions, of all that we thought made us safe and allowed us to stay asleep.

We’re on the edge of an abyss, with the old rules breaking down and new yet to be formed–it’s frightening, exhilarating, liberating.

You came here at this time to participate in this shift. You are remembering and resynthesizing all of your talents from other lifetimes, and you came here because your soul wanted to participate in this incredible time.

I love working with spiritual seekers: entrepreneurs, healers and lightworkers, because you are listening to your soul and that takes bravery. The healing that you do radiates out, heals the collective, assists in the shift of the entire planet.

I would be honored to work with you.


That’s the short version. If you want to read the long version, see below!

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for nearly 20 years.

I was raised by left-leaning radicals, who started the Woodstock of the Pacific Northwest in the 60’s, so I had a real sense of doing something that I believed in from an early age.

I’ve been fortunate to follow my passions in my careers, in my 20’s as a political activist and a fundraiser for non-profits for organizations such as Food for Peace and the Club of Life–organizations I truly believed in.

During that time, I messed around with photography and writing, and was published in a couple of internationally-distributed magazines and newspapers.

My first business was a Montessori school, which I started as a crazed stay-at-home mom. I had two small boys and the older, who was super active, needed to be with other children.

I’d attended a Montessori as a child and it was amazing…I got to follow my interests, and I wanted my kids to experience the same joy. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I used my fundraising experience and my organizing skills, and built a little school with my mother, a teacher, from a one-room school rented from a church with an enrollment of 1 (my son) to a thriving, two-campus school with a capacity of 90 in 9 years.

Unfortunately, I learned that driving myself so hard, especially as a mom of 3 small kids, was a recipe for disaster…and I took a couple of years off to take care of my health, which had never been good, and realized that I was suffering from auto-immune illness which had to be addressed.

I got into shape for the first time in my life, lost 70 pounds of fat, and dabbled in consulting for small businesses, until I was urged to become a Personal Trainer.

This seemed ridiculous, but with the mentorship of a few wise women, I opened a training studio and ran bootcamps for the City of Pasadena, CA. This came in handy, since about this time my marriage of 21 years came to an end, and I needed to support my children.

I loved my work and was great at it–but I realized that I had undergone a deep transformation in connecting with my body, and I wasn’t able to help that same transformation in my clients just addressing the physical part.

I closed my studio, sold the house I’d raised my kids in, and fulfilled a life-long goal of moving to the beach.

Then I surrendered. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing, but I knew it had to be MINE. My other businesses had been based on my kids, what other people asked me to do, what others thought I “should” be doing.

I called in Mentors. Called in Sisters. On my knees, I knew I had to find a path that fulfilled not what I thought I should do, but what my soul was calling for.

A giant turning point was learning to work with my Guides, through Shamanic Practices (which I learned years ago from a relative) and deep reflection.

I began using these techniques in healing others, and found myself healed in the process.

I thought that was the end, but it wasn’t….I began teaching the practice at conferences and retreats I attended.

And people asked me to mentor them.

Mentorship, teaching…I used to think that my careers were ridiculously disparate. Until I realized that bringing you along on the journey, teaching what I was learning, was my calling.

I love teaching. I love to mentor. I love to bring people along on the path…because in the process, you find your own path. Come along with me…being aligned means that everything…our personal lives, our business, our relationships, our soul path, is one.

It’s not a question of “finding ourselves”–its a question of stripping back what ISN’T us to find ourselves. The core of who we were before everything else intruded.

You don’t need a Shaman, a Guru, or anything else to find your inner guidance and know that unquestionably, you are on the right path.

I can show the way, and I’d be delighted to have you join me.  My life purpose is teaching you so that you can teach others.

Because I know, without any reservation, that YOU are being called to heal, and I can be the part of your journey that calls you back to the place where your soul is calling, where you can become the leader that you are meant to be.

Let’s talk. I’m happy to hop on to a call with you–sign up below for your free, no obligation chat.

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