The Phaedon Chronicles: On Stillness

You think that you have to do all of this intellectual work. Humans think that they have to do all of these things to be spiritual and to be on the path. Right now it must be understood that your endeavor, in a certain sense, is to be still.   It is for you to know “I...

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The Phaedon Chronicles: A New Way of Operating

There is a new way of operating the mind that is beginning to come forward. This begins with the premise that the mind, the body, and the spirit are not separate. We put them in these categories. That method has been useful, but this is in the process of changing...

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The Phaedon Chronicles: On The Feminine, Part 1

Many people have observed within the spiritual community that it's primarily women who have been drawn to healing, who have been drawn to doing spiritual work. Many people have commented on the lack of men within the community.    You wouldn't know this of course,...

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So, what if it IS the Apocalypse?

Fires. Hurricanes. Floods, Nazis, Nuclear bombs. Is it the end times?   Back in November, I was in Tulum for the election. I woke up the morning after with an odd sense of peace. My Guides spoke to me: this is going to be hard. This is not going to be fun. But it’s...

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