Unity Consciousness

A lot of the human beings that are coming onto the planet right now are very different than humans were 100 years ago. They are also very different from other human beings that are incarnated on the planet now.  For instance, you supposedly have an uptick of autism...

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Our Emotions Are Calling

A lot of emotions these days, lots and lots and lots of emotions.  Our tendency in the Western world is to push them down. What we are going for now is to allow our emotions, the bottled up emotions, to be released.  We have been trained to really not feel. When we...

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Get Into Action

This week I have something to talk about that has been coming up with clients recently, and I’m seeing this across the collective. A powerful, creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur comes in and says she is ready to “fully step into embodying this new iteration of...

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The Phaedon Chronicles: On Stillness

You think that you have to do all of this intellectual work. Humans think that they have to do all of these things to be spiritual and to be on the path. Right now it must be understood that your endeavor, in a certain sense, is to be still.   It is for you to know “I...

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The Phaedon Chronicles: A New Way of Operating

There is a new way of operating the mind that is beginning to come forward. This begins with the premise that the mind, the body, and the spirit are not separate. We put them in these categories. That method has been useful, but this is in the process of changing...

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