So, what if it IS the Apocalypse?

Fires. Hurricanes. Floods, Nazis, Nuclear bombs. Is it the end times?   Back in November, I was in Tulum for the election. I woke up the morning after with an odd sense of peace. My Guides spoke to me: this is going to be hard. This is not going to be fun. But it’s...

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Offerings and Fear

What are our offerings? An offering to the divine. An offering to people who need our wisdom and knowledge. We’re channeling what the collective consciousness needs now. So, how can we be reticent to get that out? We don’t create on our own. We are part of source....

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Tricking Little Lizard Brain

It occurred to me this morning that when we are running big energies, making huge changes, it is absolutely essential to double down on self-care and “routines”.   I’ve always known that if I’m feeling funky I go back to the basics. Do my morning rituals. Eat well....

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Inhabiting My Body

This is a video of me speaking at Her Story Women's Conference in Pasadena, CA, in 2014. It speaks to the great breakthroughs of learning to live in, and inhabit my body, which had been a painful place to be for much of my life.

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Holding Lightly

“The Muse does not come to those who want to strangle her”   My practice now must be to hold my work lightly.   The light, playful energy that I use to meet my Guides is the same one that I want to approach everything from.   I’m not here to struggle and fuss and...

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Entrepreneurship from the Inside Out

My newsfeed is littered with business coaches talking about methods and strategies. Some of them are good….some, not so much (don’t get me started on the business coaches whose first business is business coaching). These strategies can work if you’re in alignment with...

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