Mentorship and Coaching allows you to work intensively with Lisa over time;
3 months, 6 months, or One Year will transform your existence.

For single, one-time Readings and Energy Healings, see Readings and Healings.

“I’ve been working with Lisa now for several months, and it has been a life-changing experience for me, in all ways:  physically, emotionally, spiritually. I am in touch with my body in a new way, understanding and appreciating it, loving it (and have lost some weight in the process!).  I am healthier in how I see the world, trusting and allowing.  And I am recognizing and developing my own gifts, and experiencing the richness of all that the Universe has to offer me.  And this is because of Lisa and her gentle way of bringing me to this better place, through teaching me about the importance of self-care, through her kind and honest perspectives, through her spiritual gifts, including the energetic work and processes we do weekly, which clears out so much unwanted negative stuff that we hold on to.  She’s worked on my fears, anger and anxieties, and she’s provided me with meditations and other tools that I have grown to love and practice daily.  I am calmer and more relaxed, in a way I never thought possible.  My relationships have improved and I am living my life with more ease and joy.  I had been trying to work on all this by myself, but I understand and see now that my progress has increased so much because I am working with her.  It’s so much easier and faster when you have a gifted person to help you along the path!  Thank you, Lisa!”

Denise Mortati, Esq.

Every Mentorship is different, and unique, and custom to YOU

Lisa processes work with your energy and situation to provide transformation, and includes the following elements:


Tuning into timelines and deciding which to take. Powerfully leaning into the vision of what you want to feel, with the details as an iteration.


Forget the Hows. Now that you have your vision, meditation on what you want,  and asking for the first step leads you to what needs to be cleared next.

We use Energy Parasite Deprogramming, in which we remove unwanted programs (cultural, soul remnants, lineage/DNA). I remove them from your system and teach you a simple process to keep your energy field clear. Using the meditation not only addresses the energetic system, but also the neural pathways, gently overwriting the old conditioning and allowing a freedom of the mind that allows it to be the brilliant helper it is, instead of the driver of the show.


This extraordinary process will shift your life–it allows you to remember the frequency of your soul and to allow your body to experience peace in every moment; it’s the frequency that you can re-attune your system at which to resonate. The busy-ness and anxiety of “3 D life” falls away and you can receive the joy and ease that is your soul’s right.


Developing your intuitive skills. All humans are “intuitive” and “empaths”; it’s simply a question of re-awakening skills that we were born with, but that in most cases were not developed. I help you to understand your unique energetic style and to remember how to connect with Creator. The new paradigm of humanity, of this planet, is to cast aside the intermediaries to Divine Guidance, and to establish a direct connection and to act from the soul’s mission instead of outside “opinion” interference.

Working with Guides is one part of this process, and I teach you easily replicable meditations and visualizations, some based on methods that have been used by humans for hundreds of thousands of years to access Non-Physical Reality. You will develop confidence in your ability to go within for answers and you will find yourself intuitively following the path that the universe has charted for you, based on your deepest desires. Surrendering to the nudges leads you to some surprising, unexpected pathways–but these delightful (mostly) paths will give you not just what you imagine, but something far better and more suited for you that you even knew.


Support is there every step of the way; Unlimited E-Mail Access and Energy Clearing as needed between sessions.

“Lisa Wolfe is an amazing intuitive healer that helps you understand what lies beneath with caring and compassion but does not hesitate to help pinpoint the work that needs to be done. After Lisa released some energies that were holding me back from my authentic power it seemed to also effect the others around me and influence their own self healing and empowerment.Lisa is a light on the path to healing and wholeness.”  Lisa Skura

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