One on One

Personalized Options

My one-on-one work is for those who crave a personalized experience and a deep dive into aligning life with our soul’s calling. I combine my ability to tap into your Guides with my pragmatic knowledge to give you clear, actionable guidance.

I offer individual sessions as well as ongoing support in the form of mentorships. If you’d like to get a sense of my one-on-one work, please sign up for a “playdate” or take advantage of my introductory special on Guidance Sessions.

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Leaders and Entrepreneurs

You got into being an entrepreneur because you wanted to do meaningful work, and make a livelihood from your talents. 

But, being an entrepreneur is not easy–it’s like choosing the turbo-accelerated spiritual path, because we will be challenged daily on what needs to be healed. We’re not just doing our work with our clients–we’re also working on ourselves, it’s kind of like trying to fly an airplane while you’re still putting it together!

Being visible is hard (since so many of us are introverts or empaths). Speaking our truth, while we’re being pulled by well-meaning “business advice”, can feel so vulnerable.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years. I offer pragmatic advice and energy audits on your website, your offerings, and your marketing. But–it all comes back to you. You will finally feel in alignment with what you are putting forward, and not have to worry whether  you’re “doing it right”–you’ll get ample confirmation in the form of clients begging to work with you!

You will learn how to listen to that internal guidance–we all get so many ideas coming down from the ethers, it’s hard to tell WHAT to move on, sometimes. We don’t have to move on every idea– and you learn what ideas will make your heart sing and your soul rejoice, and which should be left for someone else.

You will learn to intuitively KNOW which ideas will move your life, your vision of the future, and your joy in what you’re doing forward, and which will just drive you off into a distraction. Learn to navigate those waters with joy and excitement instead of dread and worry.

Being an Entrepreneur means you are different. You have big, giant ideas that can keep you up at night. And big, giant worries. I teach you to nurture your WHOLE self–take care of ALL of you, so that inspiration flows.

Spiritual Seekers

You know you’re being called, but not really sure to WHAT–and what that even means. 

We chose to be here, at this time, because our soul had a plan. Some people’s soul’s plans are simple–to experience life on this planet during this time. However, if you are reading this, you are probably not one of those people.

You have a deep longing to express what’s in your soul. You KNOW there is something that you’re supposed to be doing. You can feel it.

But, the problem is, when we get here, there are multiple layers standing in the way of our remembering. Trauma, wounds, lineage, things that got in the way and may have even led you off your path. How do you know it’s not your path? It doesn’t feel good!

My work with you peels back the layers. Helps you to take away all of those things that are standing in the way of who you truly are. With a combination of energy work, mindset, neural reprogramming, and creating a safe space for you to explore, I can help you to remember. And to get on that path of purpose and passion!

You will understand your place on the planet. Recapture that joy and sense of belonging, of being part of something bigger.

Wake up in the morning with joy–because you know that today miracles can happen, and you are living every moment from a deep sense of being in synch with why you are here.

You’ll experience a freedom of spirit that you may not have felt since you were a child. And bring back all of those pieces of yourself that you set aside as being “impractical” or “impossible”.

And you will know, with every step of the way, that you are guided, you are supported, you are loved beyond measure. You are a unique expression of creation, and my greatest joy is to assist you in stepping fully into your Self.

If you’re feeling called to work with me, no matter your circumstances, book a free “Playdate” Call–I’m happy to talk to you and see if we are a good fit.  I will always make the time to see if I can be of assistance.

Single Guidance Sessions

A dive into what you’re most needing right now. Conducted by teleconference or phone. Includes recording.

Special for New Clients:  1/2 Hour Reading: $99 BUY NOW

1/2 Hour Session: $199 BUY NOW

Single Session: 90 minutes, $275. BUY NOW

Half Day: 3 hours, $699 (yes, there is a break in the middle) Please book a “playdate” in order to access this option.

Whole day: 5 hours: 2.5 hours, 1 hour lunch break, then 2.5 hours, $999. Includes 2 week email follow up. Please book a “playdate” in order to access this option.

Mentorship–One on One

Mentorship consist of weekly meetings, and unlimited email support.

We’ll look at your deepest desires. Figure out WHAT you really want to do. Get you in touch with your inner guidance–so that you can negotiate that river, KNOWING that you’re going the right way.

Mentorship is WAY more than regular Guidance Sessions. I teach you the processes to connect yourself. You will receive customized meditations, energy clearing (daily if necessary), negative energy removal, and you will complete a mentorship with total confidence in your ability to tap in and keep on your path, knowing you are guided and loved.

Please sign up for a clarity call to determine if we’d be a good fit for each other.