Custom Wand

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Custom Wand, co-created by you to amplify your energy and intentions!



How would you like to have a custom-designed wand, especially created for your energy system? Purchase of this custom wand includes a half hour one-on-one session with Lisa, so that the wand can be attuned to your energy. During the session, Lisa will intuitively choose crystals and design, with your input.

Wands have been used traditionally to magnify and focus your own personal energy in ritual. We use our wands to activate crystal grids and altars, in energy work, and in personal and public rituals.

Custom wands are hand crafted from sustainably harvested California Beach driftwood, crystals, crystal powder, and clay. Each is totally unique and is custom made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for creation and one week for delivery.

Wand is sturdy, made of hand-collected California Beach driftwood, sustainably harvested from the sacred Chumash Indian shores of Ventura County. Clay, crystal powder, and real, energetically cleared crystals are used. Wand is to be used in ritual, and is not a toy; each is energetically cleared before delivery, so that you can imprint your own energy to it.


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