One-on-One Sessions with Lisa include
Energy Healing,  Intuitive Readings & Negative Programming Removal

Lisa specializes in clarifying messages from Guides, combined with her pragmatic support; Energy Healing sessions remove the impediments to hearing your Soul’s messages and heal trauma so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence in your path.

For ongoing support, please see Mentorship and Coaching.

Channeled Guidance Intuitive Sessions

Lisa channels your Guides and provides intuitive insights. You may ask any questions you have; Guides do not make predictions; rather, this session serves to assist you in interpreting the Guidance that comes through to you from the energies that are for your highest Good.

Excellent for answering questions about life direction and challenges you may be experiencing.
Choose between  1-Hour or 90 minute sessions. New Client Special: $149 for 1-Hour

Packages Available: 

$500 for Three (3) 1-Hour Sessions, OR $750 for Three (3) 90-Minute Sessions. 

Please book a “Playdate” for access to packages. 

New Client Special
1-Hour Reading
1-Hour Reading
90-Minute Reading

Energy Healing SessionS



Your Energy Healing session can include a Shamanic Healing, custom meditation, past life regression, or soul retrieval.

A typical session starts with an intuitive reading, and then an energy healing or other work as appropriate, including a custom meditation.

Deep, lasting changes are seen with these sessions.

Energetic Programming Removal Session 

Extraordinarily effective method of removing persistent energetic patterns. Far deeper than a simple energy clearing, this process removes programming that may be standing in the way of you attaining your goals. We receive these programs from our lineage, carried in our ancestral DNA, from parallel lives (“past” lives), or from trauma or damage to the energy system in this incarnation. Affects not only you directly, many have reported significant shifts in their children and close family.

This works deeply in the energetic system and shifts the cellular memory.

During the session, you receive a custom meditation which teaches you to remove negative energies from your system; it’s recommended that you listen to the meditation every day for a week in order to clear the debris from your system after removal. This serves to reprogram neural pathways and energetic systems that were accustomed to this negative energy, removing the vestiges.

Once learned, this process can be used to clear your energy system daily or as needed. Truly a life-changing session.

Includes a 90-Minute One-on-One session, plus email assistance and energy clearings for one week.  

Session is recorded and you receive a customized meditation. 

If you’re feeling called to work with me, no matter your circumstances, book a complimentary “Playdate” call — I’m happy to talk to you and see if we are a good fit.  I will always make the time to see if I can be of assistance.
“My session with Lisa was exactly what I needed. I came seeking guidance on a specific issue, but what I got was so much more. From the moment she began telling me about my guides, I knew right away that she was completely connected. She described their energy to a T. But she also knew so much about me—things that I actually had doubted about myself, but that I need to remember so that I can go forth and fulfill my purpose. The messages Lisa brought from my guides were loving and reassuring, and the way Lisa delivered them was direct yet caring, leaving me with every confidence in her, my guides, and myself. The guidance she gave me herself was illuminating and will help me move forward with this newfound confidence and make it last. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.” Lindsay Maxfield

Writer, Healer, Coach & Stigma-Buster

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