The Visibility Course

Shine Your Light, Transform Your Business

Using video is a dream come true: it’s the easiest way to promote,
to develop content,  and to build a devoted following.

But it can be daunting to contemplate all the tech, all that exposure. Yikes!

What if the tech crashes? What will I say? How does this even work anyway?

The Visibility Course is designed to give you

everything you need in tech, energy, and confidence. 

Become a Founding Member and get lifetime access to all material, as well as updates–be part of the community forever!

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 An Amazing Community

Let’s face it. It’s scary to get out there and be visible. It’s not just a question of the tech–it’s a question of feeling confident and comfortable.

Our community will provide love, support, and feedback. No judgement, no wondering if you’re getting your message across.

You’ll get immediate feedback, encouragement, and most of all, a safe place to test out your ideas and make sure they’re landing.

You’ll get weekly assignments to allow you to develop your ability to get out there when inspiration strikes and get your message out before the excitement wanes.

Your business will flourish because you will be able to keep your people engaged, build content that can be used across many channels, and most importantly–you’ll have a brilliantly easy way to put your material out, without fussing, while inspiration is with you!

Video is THE marketing of the future, and it’s just beginning. Get in on it early!

Technical Overview

In 8 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • Basics of using FB Live
  • Camera angles
  • Lighting
  • teleprompters/notes
  • Advanced techniques
  • Makeup/clothing
  • Backgrounds
  • Youtube live
  • Embedding videos onto website/blog
  • Embedding videos onto website/blog
  • Downloading the videos
  • Uploading to youtube
  • Downloading from Facebook
  • Embedding from Facebook
  • Protecting/unlisting youtube videos
  • Tracking engagement
  • Using videos for ads/boosting
  • Setting up a YouTube Channel

The tech, helps, but….

There’s way more than tech involved in being so visible.

The course also includes mindset and energetic practices to allow you to present yourself to the world with confidence.

Hey, we are all afraid of being seen–or even burned at the stake! It’s the biggest obstacle in our business.

We’ll be sharing with you techniques to allow you to come out of hiding and do the work you were meant to do in the world.

This course, in Beta form, will respond to what YOU need–shepherding you along as you practice getting out there.


Energy/mindset work:

  • Practices for grounding and protection
  • Visibility Hangover Cures
  • Gentle ways of being visible for Introverts and Sensitives
  • And more…we’ll design the course around what YOU need.

Your Guides to Visibility

Lisa Wolfe

Lisa is a guide and mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs and seekers, and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. She began her public speaking career 30 years ago.

Guest Experts

Angela Wilkinson

Angela is the founder and host of the Awakened Goddess Show, which is now over 100 episodes in. She’s interviewed world leaders in metaphysics, and is loved as a host for her openness and curation of her ground-breaking content.

Janie Santoy

Janie is a Spritual Techpreneur. She combines spiritual, business, and computer technologies to help you create a business that is aligned with your divine purpose.

Cydney Mar

Cydney is a multi- talented entrepreneur whose passion for vibrant health spawned her newest venture Cydney Mar Wellness. Her Everyday Fabulous lifestyle began in her early career as a fashion designer, presenting her fashions all over the world on QVC Shopping channel for over 15 years.

What You Get

Complete Course $599 only $279! “beta offering”; it’ll never be this low again!

Course includes

  • 8 weeks of course content including tech, energetic and mindset modules
  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Private Facebook group
  • Incredible support, love and cheerleading
  • A safe place to explore, get clarity, and get confident
  • And more bonuses. We love bonuses!


Course begins March 13, 2017