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The Wolfe Pack is a Spiritual Community devoted to assisting its members in spiritual and emotional development, in the context of the planetary crisis. We need safe places to explore the new energies that are rocking our world; not only will you have the support and love of our community, but also lessons on:

* Clearing Stuck Energy *

* Protecting Your Energy *

* Connecting with Guides and your Higher Self *

* Manipulating Vibration to Manifest a new life *

I’ve had a call to create a spiritual community for quite some time…
and with all of the huge shifts on the planet, the time is now…

The Wolfe Pack gives you the community and support to explore your intuitive self and develop a deeper understanding of who you are at the core, and your true soul path.

With lessons on intuition development and working with nonphysical energies, you can re-discover parts of yourself that are long forgotten, and remember the joy with which you chose to incarnate onto this planet.

Come and run with the Wolves!

  • Energy Clearing Once a Week — Start your week off right with a group energy clearing.
    Weekly clearings keep your field clear of outside energies and you will feel lighter immediately
  • Monthly New Moon Event- — Lisa’s monthly live events include New Moon Rituals, Group Meditations, and/or intensive energy work. You attend the live Zoom event, or watch the recording — either way, you are held in a beautiful container of highest intention.
  • Weekly FB Lives — Lisa is always coming up with new meditations and research into Energy Work, Neuroscience, and lots of other stuff. A minimum of one FB live to discuss the energy of the week and introduce new techniques to help you manage your energy
  • Exclusive Access to Private FB group — An intimate group of like-minded folks, where you can find the spiritual community to share challenges and celebrations, and dive deep.
  • Group Exclusive Access and Deep Discounts on Beta Programs–Lisa is constantly coming up with new programs and modalities, and you will be part of the group that gets early access, including deep discounts on services.
    Experience Lisa’s energy work and provide feedback, ¬†helping to co-create new, innovative tools that can help thousands
  • Access to Lisa in group — ask Questions, get feedback, and get support

Membership in the Wolfe Pack is Currently Closed


And be the first to hear when the Wolfe Pack is accepting new members.
I can’t wait to see you there!

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