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I’d love to work with you individually or in one of my awesome groups.

Are you feeling out of alignment? Maybe your business is making money, or things are going well on the surface; but you wake up in the morning feeling like a cat who’s been pet the wrong way.

Maybe you’ve taken program after program, but a little voice keeps saying, “You’re doing it wrong!” You’re seeking validation for what you do. You can’t tell the difference between internal guidance and what you “should” do. You just want to be happy and KNOW you’re on the right path.


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Established Entrepreneurs

You’ve been in business for a minute. Some things are going great, some things not so much. You LOVE parts of what you do, but can’t stand other parts.

Learn how to listen to that internal guidance–we all get so many ideas coming down from the ethers, it’s hard to tell WHAT to move on. Business ideas are like babies–you’ve got to be willing to nurse that idea at your breast and sleep with it, and I help you to identify WHICH ones to take. Yes, they’re all good. No, you don’t want them all in your bed.

Learn to intuitively KNOW which ideas will move your life, your vision of the future, and your joy in what you’re doing forward, and which will just drive you off into a distraction. Learn to navigate those waters with joy and excitement instead of dread and worry.

Being an Entrepreneur means you are different. You have big, giant ideas that can keep you up at night. And big, giant worries. I teach you to nurture your WHOLE self–take care of ALL of you, so that inspiration flows.


You LOVE the idea of working for yourself, and you may have tried in the past, but it’s scary.

In my 20 years of business, I know what works and what doesn’t–what ideas should be kept as a weekend hobby and which NEED TO BE IN THE WORLD RIGHT AWAY.

If you’re going to do this, it’s crucial to get off to a good start, and build your business from the inside out. There are a million business gurus out there who will tell you how to build a sales funnel, a million ways to use social media, blah blah blah. But if you build it that way, you’re going to have a big pile of sales funnels and lose sight of why you’re doing this to begin with.

I help you to strip back to the core of why you want to be an Entrepreneur. The dreams you had as a child–that deep, clear sense that you are here to do something big.

Starting from the inside out means that you know very clearly and joyfully that your business and your life purpose are one, and navigating it from internal guidance becomes easy.

You’ll never fall into the trap of taking course after course, hoping the next one will flip the switch. You will learn to guide by your own purpose, not what you “should” be doing, or what others are doing.

If you’re feeling called to work with me, no matter your circumstances, book a free Clarity Call–I’m happy to review your needs and discuss options. My calling is to help you to shine your light, with ease, flow, and abundance, and I will always make the time to see if I can be of assistance.


One day intensive dive into what you’re most needing right now.

Single session: 90 minutes, $275

Half day: 3 hours, $699

Whole day: 5 hours: 2.5 hours, 1 hour lunch break, then 2.5 hours, $999

Mentorship–One on One

I have a small number of Mentorship spots left–because there are only so many people I can take under my wing. Mentorship consist of twice monthly meetings of an hour and a half, and email support, or once-weekly with unlimited email support in between.

We’ll look at your deepest desires. Figure out WHAT you really want to do. Get you in touch with your inner guidance–so that you can negotiate that river, KNOWING that you’re going the right way.

Twice-monthly mentorships are great for general guidance and support; Once-a-week is for accelerated results and situations in which you desire intensive support.

12 Weeks   Twice Monthly $1500

12 weeks Every Week         $3200


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