Solar flare energy has been bombarding the planet this year. This impacts our mental, spiritual, and emotional journeys…something I and many others have expressed. How do we handle everything it brings up? This blog is based off a powerful chat that happened the Wolfe Pack. (If you’d like to get in on these discussions, join us here!)

This year, we’ve had an enormous amount of solar activity. We’ve had a series of smaller solar flares, some giant solar flares, and coronal mass emissions. These are big waves of plasma on the sun, which push solar wind towards our planet. If the solar wind is strong enough, it will spark geomagnetic storms. 

Geomagnetic storms are known to affect radio signals and even satellites…and to disrupt the migration of birds! Not much is said about the affect on humans, but clearly this solar flare energy is going to affect our systems as well. Some people feel the solar winds more (like me), while others feel the geomagnetic storms. In any case, it’s just like the regular weather–it’s good to know what’s happening so that your can pull out your metaphorical umbrella! 

How Solar Flare Energy Affects Our Psyche

One of the reasons that our minds may not be as sharp as usual is that these energies cause our bodies to purge an enormous amount. Our psyches, our entire energetic systems, are being purged. I find it essential to focus on what is right in front of me when this solar activity scrambles my brain. It’s important to not think too far forward.

When you have this amount of light pouring onto the planet, this amount of solar flare energy directed at us, you’re going to have all kinds of things that were dormant rising to the top. It’s just like a pond, in which the muck gets stirred up from the bottom. Long-forgotten and suppressed emotions will surface. 

How to Heal During Solar Activity

It’s important to be aware of the situation when this happens. This prevents you from getting fixated on the icky things that might be rising. During times of solar activity, it’s normal to think, “Oh, I haven’t made any progress. Why am I going through this again? I thought I healed that!” I’ve found that the more that I surrender, the more that I just trust that these light codes pouring in are doing extraordinary things for the development of my soul. It becomes easier to “ride the wave” without my mind making up stories. I trust in the evolution of my soul.

During this time, I’ve found it important to take really good care of myself. Drinking lots of water, resting when needed, and soothing myself in whatever way feels good. On the day I wrote this message, I was doing a reading and, sure enough, the amount of information that was coming in was incredible! That’s what I find when I come through a difficult period. On the other side is some sort of breakthrough. So, hold tight and do what you need to to make yourself comfortable as this solar flare energy shines down onto the planet!

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