When you tune into your soul purpose, and operate from that core of who you are, everything flows.


Energetic, emotional, neurological blocks do come up, and we work through to uncover the pure essence of who you are.


What am I supposed to be when I grow up? We’re told to pick a niche and stick with it. But that can feel like amputating parts of ourselves.


Creating a life wheel allows us to look at the essence of who we are, and to integrate that into our work. So that no part of us is abandoned. Similarly–when we have a business, we can end up putting the business in the center of our lives–and our life suffers. Our self care suffers.


I have too many ideas! Which is the right one? We get so many messages about what we “should” be doing. Because it will make money, because people need it. But then, we create a business that either goes “thud”, or even worse, we don’t love. And what’s the point of being an entrepreneur? We want to create something that makes us wake up in the morning with gleeful anticipation, not dread, we may as well be working some awful day job then~


You’ve studied the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, all of the spiritual tools, but they still don’t work–because let’s face it, having a red sports car isn’t really what we want. We want that feeling of freedom. We want the freedom to create from our soul. We want to do that Thing that we know we came here to do.


Creating a business from the center of our being, identifying the heart and soul of our business, allows all of the technical, “masculine” structures to be what they are–support, protection. But if we build from the structure out, we are left with no soul. We take program after program, expecting the next one to be “it”, the one that flips the switch. But nothing external is going to do that. The Facebook ads courses, business courses, are only useful when we first go to the heart of who we are and what our business wants to be.
We are in an age where the old structures are breaking down. And yet, we look for a Title that will convey who we are–and none of them are quite right. Many people try to find a title, build a website, and then expect that suddenly there will be a business. What if I told you that some of the most successful businesses I know started without a website, and without a title? Allowing yourself to feel your way through, to understand that everything is simply an iteration and not the “end goal”, actually creates the business of your dreams. Because then, through action, you find the riverbanks, the boundaries of what you really want. Action is the key here…just start.

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