Turmoil in the world=sleepless? Try these tips

One of the most disruptive symptoms of these wild energetic times is sleep disturbances. Lying awake, or falling asleep easily but waking (sometimes multiple times) in the middle of the night, or ridiculously early. The first thing I go to, before looking into individual energetic or behavioral issues, is Sleep Hygiene.


These few steps can improve your sleep immensely. No more dragging through the day or being exhausted.


Firstly, look into disruptions of your circadian rhythms. There are light sensors that tell your brain to stay awake or that it’s time for rest; therefore:


Totally blacked-out bedroom, if possible. Minimally, no lights on and drapes on all windows.


Sleep mask if bedroom is not completely dark.


Install a blue light filter on your computer and phone such as f.lux. Blue light tells our brain that it’s time to be awake, and electronics emit a blue light. Sunset, and evening, has an orange hue–and these blue blocker apps mimic nighttime colors. Melatonin will be naturally produced.


Secondly, make sure you’re comfortable. Cotton sheets are a must; keep bedroom at a cool temperature; heat can disrupt sleep cycles. So unless you have snow on the ground, heater off please!


Is your nightwear comfortable? Not tight, or of synthetic materials? Heavy nightwear can heat you up, signalling “time to wake”. Keep as cool as possible; consider sleeping commando.


Epsom salt baths before bed are a great way to calm down; the magnesium is absorbed through the skin and calms the nervous system. Essential oils, in the bath or on the sheets, can aid in relaxation.

Of course, watch the caffeine! I can’t consume it after 4 PM if I want to have a good night’s sleep–some people can’t have it past noon.

Close the container of your day; in our culture, we often have the sense that we’re not “doing” enough. Let your day be closed out and allow your energy to relax, so that that “to do” list isn’t preying on your consciousness. 🙂 Try this mantra: I am safe. I am enough. I am calm. 


If you must turn to supplements, many find that valerian root tea is helpful to relax; passion flower and other mixes such as Seven Flowers are soothing and aid relaxation.


Some find melatonin to be helpful, but quality is an issue, so make sure you are sourcing carefully. 5HTP, taken for a month at a time, can realign wonky sleep patterns. Be careful with mixing supplements and pharmaceuticals–anti depressants, for instance, should not be taken with any other supplement that affects serotonin levels such as 5 HTP. Ashwagandha is another ayurvedic remedy that can be helpful taken about a half hour before bed; since it’s an adaptogen, it can help with energy levels as well. Consult your healthcare practicioner before trying any remedy that you’re not familiar with, of course.


While there may be deep metaphysical meaning to your wakefulness, making sure your sleep hygiene is rigorous is the first step to addressing the issue. Sometimes the entire mess can be rectified by carrying out these steps. Try them out and let me know how it goes! And of course–if you have tried it all and still can’t get relief, please reach out to a professional whose service calls to you, whether that is a physician, therapist, or energy healer. Many of my clients get relief when energetic issues are addressed. Sending love and sleep vibes to you! 



Photo Credit: Judit Klein

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