Zoom way out and take a look at what has occurred on this planet over the last several months. Soften around this and understand how huge it is.

Climate change is accelerating. The pandemic is entering a new, devastating phase; governments globally are destabilized. Everything seems to be coming to a head.

Nonjudgement is necessary to practice at all times, because every single individual on this planet is participating in this great tapestry of ascension and of evolution. Some of the people are monks, they are praying and meditating 24 hours a day, they are very conscious of their role. Many are so-called lightworkers, or energy healers, there are very conscious people like you who are very focused on personal development and are conscious of it. Others are completely unconscious, and yet, are carrying out their role, too. Every one of us is important.

Throughout timelines right now, lineage lines are being purged. Imagine… we are giving you this visual so that you get a sense of what’s happening here. Imagine the planet. There is a band around it. That is all of human consciousness, not just the high-level human consciousness that you tap into when you tap into the crystalline grid. There is literally a palpable field, a band around the planet, which contains all of the trauma, all of the pain, all of the horror, all of the inhumanity that’s occurred in the last several thousands of years.

This band used to be so dense that it was very difficult to communicate with this planet. It was very difficult for human beings to be able to widen their perception. Now, this band of trauma, historical trauma, has been precisely what personal development people have been working on, and slowly slowly, they have been drawing out piece by piece, tendrils of these various experiences. They have been taking these tendrils and putting them in their own bodies, transmuting them and freeing the energy up.

So if you looked at this band of energy, this field that existed say, 30 years ago, it would have been so densely packed. Now, it is not completely cleared, but significantly different. It’s changing. Energies are moving in a way that they haven’t before. This is one of the reasons why so many human beings are beginning to wake up.

This is also why we are seeing tremendous division within all different segments of the planet because what each individual is doing is shifting their piece of the puzzle within this entire field. It’s very, very important to transmute this field and to recycle the energies into the new structures that are part of the New Earth latticework that is being set up. So, have patience, because as you know, Spirit moves very quickly, energies can move very quickly. But to move the entrenched energy takes longer.  It’s similar to the process that takes place in your own body– as above, so below, it is exactly the same kind of process.

So be very patient; it can be difficult because when you’re conscious of what’s happening you can get enmired in the details of it.

Remember, years ago, you always had a sense that something was going to happen? Well, this is the “something,” and this “something” has been going along for several decades at this point. In the timeframe of universal history, this is a blink of an eye. However, you’re experiencing time in your little human linear way. So, it seems like it’s taking a long time.

To the extent that you can feel into how these energies have shifted, it’s quite extraordinary. We saw this a few months ago, when people began to believe that the pandemic had eased– people who considered themselves extroverts, who thought they wanted to get out into the world, found they wanted to stay isolated.

The reason for this, is that it’s as though the entire planet went into a cave for about a year. So as people contemplate leaving the cave, it feels odd.  The energies are completely different, the planet is different. There’s a longing to go “back to normal”. But there is no “normal”.

What we must do now is to open ourselves to these new energies, and to become experts at welcoming the shift in frequency and adapting ourselves to it. Often, you think that what you’re going through personally with family, partners, etc., are unique, but, understand that this is happening on the macro level. The things that you are experiencing, are being experienced by others, on some level of consciousness or another.

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