This has been building up for a long time. 


In the recent past we’ve seen women have the benefit of not only formal education but also a larger perspective of the world. Now we are coming to a time in which this fierce feminine is rising to the surface. This mother bear is being awakened. Women are being asked to dig deep and to dispel. 


It’s ironic because women want to help, they want to take care, they want to take the burden, they want to fix things. Yet, this is a perversion of mothering. This is mothering from a weakened subservient position. Motherhood that would lift the car off a child is what is needed now. What this means is that the vast numbers, hundreds of 1000s of women who consider themselves to be caring, are being called spiritually, politically and socially. It is time to dispel the trauma that has been weighing down femininity for millennia.


Women have been the caretakers, but because it’s been a distorted caretaking, women need to come back to their center, and regain sovereignty. Regain their autonomy. And then, only after some degree of autonomy is achieved– and this will be to one extent or another, it’s not like anyone is going to be completely free of all trauma and wounding and so on. Then men will be able to step into their true roles with these fierce feminine trailblazers. 


This is what is beginning to rise to the surface. The amount of chaos that we see occurring in governments. We said this years ago that institutions would collapse, and what we’re seeing now around the COVID response is just a clear illustration. Many conspiracy theory types believe that there’s some nefarious plot, and that it’s all organized and it’s all behind the scenes, and that it is being controlled and that could not be farther from the truth. What is happening in fact is an enormous shift away from the old patriarchal structures that are desperately trying to keep their control. 


They’re doing really radical, insane things to try to grab their power back. This is very upsetting to conscious people, but you have to understand that the reason that they’re being so radical is because they are in a state of fight or flight. 


Understand that as these patriarchal old structures go, what is rising is love. With the Divine Feminine bolstered by the fierce feminine rising there is beginning to be a corresponding rise in the Sacred Masculine.

The masculine that will come forward with the resurrection of the fierce feminine, this is the balanced masculine. This is the masculine which is the protector, the boundary setter for it is the masculine principle. He who sets up the boundaries of protection, so that the feminine creative urge can fully express itself.

part 3 follows….

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