To enact the change ahead of us, the first, most important step is speaking out. So many human beings know this in their hearts and care very deeply but they are afraid of the social repercussions of speaking out. This is because the social construct is so strong. If everyone spoke out. Everything would shift. 


From an individual standpoint, the fear of judgment, the fear of persecution– this must be purged. Collaboration is the way forward. This is the time of collaboration, because some people think about things like the shift from good versus evil into collaboration but they’re still continuing to act the way that they did, and not collaborating. So this is a time of working with others, seeking out others, and calling in your soul family.


Speaking out is terrifying. When you are alone against the wind, collaboration, coming together, learning to collaborate, learning to speak to each other with love is the way forward. This is what needs to be done now.


There are a lot of people who cannot speak to other people with love, because they don’t speak to themselves with love. 


When speaking of love. It’s like a pendulum. One side is over caring, extreme responsibility to the point of dysfunction, as we’ve talked about as the current role of women. On the other side is responsible, balanced carrying. In order to get to that other side. First, the balance has to be achieved in the center. 


Women have got to come to the center. To really become clear. To come back into themselves. 


When healers have difficulty in connecting what they are doing to what is happening in the world, they must understand that their job is to assist others in clearing their trauma so they can do their work in the world. This is not excusing healers from doing work in the world, but it is very important to understand that every act of healing. We are not just talking about having an energy healing session or something very deep, we’re talking about acts of healing in tiny ways like smiling at someone breaking through on a family issue. Understand that this isn’t some big thing where you’re clearing the collective and it’s just going to go on forever. This is a very specific time. A phase shift. That’s the reason that it feels so very weird, because it’s not the old normal.


It’s not yet decided which direction the planet is going to go. So, these individual acts of healing. Yes, they help to clear up the collective as a whole, but let’s be really concrete about this. These acts of healing are enabling those people who are afraid to speak out, to begin to speak. If every person stood up for what they believed in, and stopped being afraid, the entire planet would shift. 


That is the importance of healing, individuals come to this planet with a soul purpose. But this soul purpose right can only be reached if they do the difficult job of peeling back the trauma. It’s not easy for anyone, but it can be easier for some people than others. People who are conscious of it, have to strip back layers before they can even really see what is there. The irony, of course, is that once they peel back the surface of these layers it is like a glass onion. It is a beautiful coming back to center, in which, as you come into this consciousness, everything in your life will make sense. Every so-called misstep, every detour, everything will fall into place and you will see that your life purpose was simpler, more beautiful and more obvious than you can possibly have imagined. 


Love is the generative principle of the universe, it is the force of creativity.

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