We’re now going to embark on a journey. I’m envisioning two large mountains and we are walking along the pathway. On the left one, as we look down, we can see that there is a bay of water. Off in the distance is the future.


Standing here with the sky above and the earth below. Call your angels, your guides, call your ancestors. Ask them to come forward and to assist in this process. The inflection point that had been predicted by many people has begun to happen, and many people have held the idea that the shift from 3D to 5D or the shift into the New Earth will come with a great flash of light. That it will come quickly. 


This is not the way that it works. There is no external force that is coming to save this planet. The internal force is what shifts the planet. 


Right now the chaos, the disintegration of the old structures, is causing a great deal of confusion on the planet. 


More and more will be coming to the surface to be purged. You must understand the rising of many things that you believed that you had conquered, that you had worked through, that you have learned from, may be rising to the surface. This does not mean that you did not do your job in the past. You are a different energetic entity, than you were then. In the past there were lessons to be learned, there were energies to be released, there were traumas that needed to be worked through. In a way this is the master class now, in which you will begin to see the panorama of the patterns of your life. 


If you are someone who considers themselves to be multi-passionate. If you have considered that your life has been many disjointed pieces. You will see more clearly over the next period, as you rise above and re-examine these patterns of your life. You will see the beauty and the meaning. 


You will experience this to the extent that you are willing to feel and surrender to these campaigns coming forward. This is always good advice, but this is particularly good advice now, because the energetic process that everyone on the planet has been going through was meant to clear trauma. This was meant to clear this pain and you are now a different entity. 


You are being asked to take those things that have plagued you, these patterns, these repeating things, and to understand that as you are working through this you are dispelling the energy of it. You are speaking your truth. You are standing up in a way that you did not have the courage to before. This is what transforms the planet. 


The extent that human beings do not speak up, that they shrink back from telling the truth in their hearts, is the extent that this process will go more slowly and more painfully, and with more trauma. Now is the time. You’re being called. Now is the time to step fully into, and to embrace every part of you. 


All of those parts that didn’t seem to go together, all of the masks that you put on for different circumstances. These are all falling away. 


What will be left is the pure essence of you and your pure, unadulterated frequency. And so, as you stand here looking out toward the field of infinite possibilities. 


Feel the wisdom of all that you have lived through all that you have experienced behind you, your guides are now taking you to a healing place. They are circling around you, almost like a maple tree. Circling you with ribbons and silk, encasing you with healing and love. It feels just like the cuddliest, warmest, most wonderful blankets, and it feels as though you’re being held in the arms of an angel who loves every little bit of you. Allow them to work their magic. This is the transformation.

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