This week I have something to talk about that has been coming up with clients recently, and I’m seeing this across the collective. A powerful, creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur comes in and says she is ready to “fully step into embodying this new iteration of her business, is there anything she needs to know or clear, that will impact her path and get into action.” You might be feeling this too. I think a lot of us are. The times we’re in are calling us to step into a new level of leadership, service, and action. We can see it but also not quite see it. It’s one we are not necessarily trained in, prepared for, or have the ease of experience to deal with– or so we think. 

When I first heard this, The Guides I connect with, Phaedon, were just saying DO IT. There was no ambiguity, no hesitation whatsoever– it was to get into action because it’s not like the path is going to suddenly appear. The path is already there, especially if you’re feeling the call and have the inspiration. The problem is that you keep thinking that you have to wait for some kind of revelation for everything to change. 

What has to be understood is you need to take this little breadcrumb that you have gotten, the idea, the nudge. It might even be a big breadcrumb. You have to start moving. Look for the next one, because it is in that action that you’re going to get your answers. That’s the only way you’re going to get to them. You’re not going to get to them by worrying about blocks. The way that you know what the next block is, is by bumping up against it, right? Don’t go looking for it, get your butt into action. It’ll become really super clear what the next thing is, so you don’t need to prepare. 

From this you may think that you don’t need to set up any more of a foundation but actually they, The Guides, said that that’s not entirely the case. There is still some foundational work to be done. Yet again, the only way to figure out what that is is to just go ahead with it, go ahead with your half baked idea. 

One of the problems right now on the planet is that there are all of the solutions to everything; all of the solutions to every issue on the planet is here in our collective consciousness, it is here in this newest sphere. The problem is it’s staying up there in the collective. And we, through our physical bodies, are these giant funnels. It’s our job to bring these solutions down to this plane. Those of us who are born with a natural intuitive sense pick these things up. That’s why a lot of us are multi-passionate entrepreneurs because we can feel what’s up there in the collective that needs to be expressed. 

One challenge we’re facing is that we’re often not really good at figuring out which of those collective ideas is for us. In truth, that is not as important as we’re making it. We will each have our own interpretation of the solution that can come through us, so there’s not a way that we’re going to get the wrong one. It’s that they can’t be hanging around in the ethers anymore, it is time to put them into action. This is coming through us like a funnel. We are the conduits of this energy and the form it is taking is through these ideas and inspirations.

So, what they’re saying is, this cannot be abstract any longer. If you want to talk about blocks, if that is terminology that you use, the biggest block that humans have right now is putting their ideas into action on the planet, because people are afraid. They’re afraid to do the wrong thing, to be perceived the wrong way, to be judged and so on. That’s not to say that we’re just supposed to go out and start spewing whatever. It means those beautiful ideas, the ideas that you have that light you up and you’re feeling like, “Whoa, it’s time to act on that.” It’s time to bring those to life.

Even if 20% of the people who have these ideas actually implemented them, everything would change. 

Getting into action, taking those ideas from the ethers, and going forward with them–  it does require us to become invulnerable to opinion. And that’s really what we’ve been talking about over the last period of time with developing our internal energetic system, where we get to the point where that Divine spark that we’ve been talking about, that Divine light that is right in our solar plexus area where that is no longer a tiny little spark that you only access every once in a while. It becomes a roaring flame. It becomes a forcefield, which emanates through the entire body. 

Our focus has to no longer be: Oh let’s take this block, let’s take that block, let’s take these blocks and work through them.

The most effective way to work through blocks, besides getting into action, is to develop the potency, the strength and the density of your personal energy.

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